Why Planting Trees Can No Longer Save Our Atmosphere


Why Planting Trees Can No Longer Save Our Atmosphere

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  1. While planting trees can no longer save our atmosphere .. planting trees can save the local wildlife and pollinators, at least for now.

    This for now is very important .. yes the weather will be more savage etc.. due to climate change but if you have a row of trees with undergrowth a some high level plant diversity your local hedgehogs, local insects, local birds etc.. might survive … just that little bit longer ( by a few decades ) thanks to this.

    I think as ecological collapse happen, we should do everything in our power to at least ensure that a few generations of little animals do not suffer the full brunt of it at least for a little longer ( eventually if or when CO2 reaches 500ppm we are going to be so screwed ).

  2. 3.6 F, not great, not terrible

    plant tree will help if you learn to turn them into char coal or better biochar and lock carbon forever. This require a lot of work hour so I don’t know will it work at large scale

  3. Okay, planting trees won’t save us, but I can get beauty, shade, fruit or nut crops, and provide a home for wildlife with trees…and it doesn’t cost much. So, I plant the trees. By the way, we are collapsing anyway.

  4. Trees are good for your local environment, clean your local air, support wildlife, create shade, help condense moisture, slow the wind, diminish the advance of deserts, support the banks of streams and rivers. There’s no reason not to plant trees unless they are invasive and destructive.

  5. I have to admit, I’m surprised to see F instead of SI (or rather derived) units. I think it’s the first time I saw someone used those in the context of global warming.

    To stay on topic – we have plenty of areas that are not used for agriculture and could potentially be used to plant trees. Of course that won’t be enough, but it will help.

    Edit: another thing – planting trees between fields would definitely be helpful both to the climate and for soil-saving (reduced wind speed and natural barrier for fine soil particles carried by wind). Win-win.

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