Freak Hailstorm Buries Cars in Feet of Hail in Malaga, Spain (Videos and Pictures)


Look at those insane pictures!

Malaga was buried in feet of hail, when a huge supercell thunderstorm engulfed the city on January 23, 2020.

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Insane hailstorm buries streets of Malaga in feet of hailstones. Picture by MIGUE FERNÁNDEZ

The severe hailstorm covered streets, parks and beaches in white.

In Limonar, a residential area east of the city centre, there was so much hail that treffic was blocked and residents struggled to free their vehicles.

Schools in the area had also been closed.

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Beaches in Malaga turned white after the crazy hailstorm. Picture shows La Malagueta beach by ÑITO SALAS

Traffic jams of up to 20km, resulted from the insane storm.

On top of that, city buses were trapped in the Cerrado de Calderón area, where roads had been closed down.

Car trapped in huge hail accumulation in Malaga on January 23 2020
Car trapped in huge hail accumulation in Malaga on January 23, 2020. Picture: unknown

Prior to this crazy hailstorm, heavy rain in the early hours of Thursday morning triggered floodings in Malaga as well as in the Guadalhorce Valley, where the Maqueda and Cantos rivers overflew and engulfed the city of Campanillas.

All of this thanks to storm Gloria! Discover more natural disaster headlines on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [SurInEnglish]

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