Hailstones Big Like Melons Slam San Luis de Potosí, Mexico


It all started with an intense storm, but that was just the beginning.

Then hail came, melon-size hailstones.

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Gigantic melon-size hailstones hit Mexico in May 2020. Noticieros Televisa

The city of the valleys, Huasteca de San Luis de Potosí, Mexico, is used to such storms, but yesterday afternoon nobody expected it.

Suddenly, hail started, but what fell were giant ice balls, some the size of a melon.

Many vehicles and houses were affected by the impacts of these ice balls, breaking glass and damaging roofs.

Given the curious about the phenomenon, many people went out to register these giant hail, filling social networks with photos and videos.

Another apocalyptic hail storm occurred a day before in the same region as reported in my precedent post:

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  1. Hell fell on El Ciudade Huasteca de San Luis de Pelosi, a city in Northern California, reported the San Francisco Chronicle today.

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