Gigantic swarms of winged insects invade Siberian city (videos)

A gigantic swarm of insects is currently invading a Siberian city
A gigantic swarm of insects is currently invading a Siberian city. Picture via video

A truly apocalyptic vista has emerged from the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk, after a massive horde of winged insects invaded its streets, forming gargantuan clouds in the air and swarming on the pavements.

Multiple videos of the insect invasion started making the rounds online on Monday, promptly becoming a viral topic in Russia. The bug buildup began in the city over the weekend, becoming particularly intense on Monday morning.

Footage from the scene show the winged creatures flying through the air in dense, cloud-like packs.

Others decided to swarm on the ground, covering pavements with a thick moving carpet.

Some insects got up close and personal with Krasnoyarsk residents, strolling over humans and getting entangled in their hair.

Imagery available online suggests that the city has been invaded by birch aphids, commonly known as greenflies.

The insect population has apparently exploded due to an unusually warm season. While the insects are harmless for humans, they might pose a danger to vegetation, especially for the birch trees they prefer to snack on.

Beginning of last month, gigantic swarms of mosquitoes invaded another city in Russia, making giant tornadoes in the sky:

Apart from the greenflies, the city has been also invaded by ladybug beetles.

The emergence of the latter was actually quite expected, experts have said, as the bugs migrate through the city each year as they head for mountainous areas to winter.

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