Brutal hailstorm kills dozens of swans and geese in Utah (videos)

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Brutal hailstorm kills swans in Utah in videos. Picture: Rollene Bradshaw via KUTV

More than 36 swans were killed and another 8 injured during a brutal hailstorm that swept through Davis and Salt Lake counties, Utah, earlier this month.

According to officials, more birds, among others also geese, are still being called in from residents.

The statement from DWR says: Due to the nature of the blunt force injuries and other indicators, it is believed that the storm forced the birds down, resulting in high-speed impacts with the ground or other stationary objects.”

Nearly two weeks ago, heavy winds and hailstorms hit the Wasatch Front on Friday night into Saturday morning, causing damages to property and wildlife.

According to Detective Ken Hansen with the Unified Police Force, a wind microburst hit the Taylorsville area at approximately 1:00 a.m. Saturday, knocking down trees in the area.

More deadly hailstorm news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. Bad luck. Swans and geese are loud, but excellent guard animals. Roman troops used them as perimeter security. I have Roman, Embden, and Chinese geese. We had a neighbor with swans when I grew up. They’re pretty, and territorial.
    Hard part about rehabilitating birds is shock. They tend to be very fragile when shock sets in. We have had .38 caliber size hail out here. My geese and ducks hide under the house or metal work benches. I have never had one killed by hail, yet. I stood outside to see how bad .38 caliber hail feels as an experiment. Yes, it was capable of giving a good sting to the face. Normally, we get .22 caliber pea sized hail. That isn’t bad.
    Well, those birds are delicious. It’s time to harvest the meats. Since they were in cold, the meat is still fine. Waste not, want not. Then put the guts in a hole you intend on planting a tree in. By Spring that soil will be rich in organic material.

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