Are Chernobyl crops safe to eat? Food and wood radioactive!

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Radioactivity measured in crops around Chernobyl. Picture: Shutterstock

There is ongoing contamination and human exposure around Chernobyl!

Scientists have found that crops grown near the Chernobyl nuclear site in Ukraine are still contaminated with radiation from the explosive 1986 disaster. 

The new study found above safe consumption level of two radioactive isotopes, strontium 90 and cesium 137, in grains of wheat, rye, oats and barley sampled from fields about 31 miles (50 kilometers) south of the nuclear plant, just outside the Chernobyl’s “exclusion zone.”

Strontium 90, the most present radioactive isotope, was measured above safe consumption level in 48% of samples as well as in wood samples.

Keep in mind that officials always claim that when the forest burns in the exclusion zone, there is no problems of contamination.

But radioactive wood is the problem

When analyzing the wood ash from domestic wood-burning ovens, they found strontium 90 levels that were 25 times higher than the safe limit.

Locals use this ash, as well as ash from the local thermal power plant (TPP), to fertilize their crops.

Contamination of grain and wood grown in the Ivankiv district remains of major concern and deserves further urgent investigation.

It would be also great to know the same for fields near the Idaho National Laboratory and Hanford Site in the US. Do you think your food is safe there? More radioactivity news on Elsevier, Exceter, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. Not sure why this story was posted on this website. It seems like propaganda and its funny, cause I was just postulating over this topic yesterday.

    I believe if fruit/food grows in a particular location, say at the equator, the benefits to the human body of eating those fruits will match the strengths and abilities the fruit has to grow in those conditions. This is sort of proven already as equatorial foods have the highest amounts of electrolytes and grow in the warmest climes on Earth.

    Ive heard what I use to think were insane theories that the crops growing in both the Chernobyl and Fukushima fall out zones were tested as last resort cancer treatments and actually killed the cancer.

  2. I do not think the food is safe. Probably would sterilize you, or your children would be glow-in-the-dark mutants?

    Wood ash that is leaching into the roots, (and radioactive) doesn’t sound like a chance that be worth taking. Wood ash does make good fertilizer, but the untainted kind.

    • No, actually the tainted kind is the best and most widely used. So many Air Force bases in the US literally have fertilizer businesses located on the perimeter of the base.

      Look it up.

      • Does the wood ash on US bases have radioactivity?

        Doesn’t sound like a good idea. I wouldn’t advise eating fruits or vegetables grown using radioactive wood ash as fertilizer.

        Doesn’t make sense.

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