Second wave of biblical locust plagues hits the Horn of Africa and Yemen (videos)

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Second wave of biblical locust swarms hit East Africa

New biblical swarms of desert locusts are forming in the Horn of Africa, threatening agricultural livelihoods and the food security of millions of people.

FAO recently said in an alarming news release: “New locust swarms are already forming and threatening to re-invade northern Kenya and breeding is also underway on both sides of the Red Sea, posing a new threat to Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, the Sudan, and Yemen.

This year had already seen the worst East Africa invasion in 70 years.

It could be as bad as what we’ve seen in the past year because the area of breeding ground in these countries is as big as 350,000 sq km (135,000 sq miles).

Although better prepared, there are fears that communities might be overwhelmed if the swarms are really big.

So, why are there so many locusts?

Locust infestations increased over the past month in Ethiopia and Somalia as a result of extensive breeding, favourable weather and rainfall, with populations predicted to increase further in the coming months.

Cyclone Gati brought two years of rainfall within two days and what could have been a hostile terrain for the locusts turned into a favourable breeding ground.

Increased surveillance in several affected regional areas have helped keep locusts away. But in regions (southern Somalia) or countries (Yemen) in conflict, there is no time to take rid of locusts.

The FAO has warned that more than 35 million people are already acutely food insecure in the five most-impacted countries.

It says that number could increase by another 3.5 million if nothing is done to control the latest outbreak.

More locust plagues and famine updates and news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. Steve Denoon
    Break down of 3 Submarines in Persian Gulf and 1 Israeli Atomic Bomb as well.
    We always sincere thanks always Strange Sounds for allowing all people of freedom lover to express their opinion. I wish we had Strange Sounds in 1978-1980 Iran would not falls in to Hindi Ayatollah Born lol..

  2. Phinehas Dec 22, 2020 At 4:27 pm

    Looks like possible wars on multiple fronts.
    Yes indeed you will not sent your 3 nuclear submarines to Persian Gulf. One Israeli nuclear submarine is going to Gulf soon.

    Iran Offers Militia To Afghan Government, Claiming They Were ‘Volunteers’ In Syria

    Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Iranian foreign minister has reiterated his suggestion that the beleaguered Afghan government of President Ashraf Ghani could utilize members of the Fatemiyoun militia, recruited by Iran to fight in Syria. Zarif was speaking in an interview with Afghanistan’s Tolo TV on Monday [December 21].

    The Taliban, which controls much of the county, has been emboldened by its February agreement with the United States. US President Donald Trump announced in November he was reducing US troops from 4,500 to 2,500 by mid-January, down from 13,000 a year ago.

    Zarif said Iran was prepared to help the Ghani government incorporate Fatemiyoun fighters into the army. “The Afghan government is fully informed that we are prepared to help the Afghan government regroup these forces under the leadership of the Afghan National Army in the fight against terrorism,” Zarif said. “If so, they must fight in Afghanistan under the leadership of the Afghan government as all forces in Syria were fighting under the leadership of the Syrian government.”

    Zarif claimed that the Fatemiyoun militia went to fight in Syria on their free will and Iran only provided support. But Shiite fighters from Pakistan and Iraq were also recruited and sent to Syria.

    Liwa Fatemiyoun, or Fatemiyoun Brigade, is a militia recruited by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) since 2014 from Shia Afghans living in Iran to fight in Syria alongside government forces. The Fatemiyoun Brigade has thousands of battle-hardened militiamen. The group has said 2,000 of its fighters were killed and 8,000 wounded in Syria by the end of 2017. In the interview, Zarif said fewer than 2,000 remained in Syria with most returning to “normal life” in Iran or elsewhere.

    Zarif told the Afghan television station that Iran’s role in “supporting” Fatemiyoun reflected a wider commitment to combatting the Sunni extremist group, the Islamic State, which he referred to by a pejorative acronym from Arabic.

    “We supported people to fight against Daesh in Baghdad, Najaf and Karbala so that no one should be forced to fight against Daesh in Kabul and Kandahar,” he said. “For that reason, we supported them [Fatemiyoun] in Tehran, Zahedan, and Kermanshah or in Baghdad, Karbala, and Najaf.”

    Iran’s military support for the Assad regime well predates the emergence of the Islamic State group and dates back to 2011.

    The US, which designated Fatemiyoun as a ‘foreign terrorist organization’ in 2019, has said Iran coerced undocumented Afghan migrants and refugees to fight in Syria under the threat of arrest or deportation. In his Tolo TV interview, Zarif claimed that not all the Shia fighters who joined the Fatemiyoun Brigade were drawn from Afghan refugees and that the Iranian government paid compensation to bereaved families regardless of nationality.

    Zarif reiterated Iran’s opposition to the presence of US forces in Afghanistan and said Iran would “certainly oppose” as a “dangerous act” if the US followed “what is reflected in their talks with the Taliban and in their agreement with the Taliban.” He denied he was acting as a mediator between the Afghan government and the Taliban.
    This regime is cancer of middle east and must be nuked soon.
    Our Intel says more attacks are waiting to come to green zone in Iraq.
    Disclaimer always apply
    Mohsen BC Journalist Int

  3. WW3: UK-China relations to COLLAPSE as Beijing genocide row brings tensions to knife edge
    RELATIONS between the UK and China could collapse following a House of Lords amendment that would give British courts the power to rule on whether Beijing is committing genocide in Xinjiang.

  4. Emergency News: ‘If one American is killed, I will hold Iran responsible’: Trump threatens Tehran after attack on U.S. embassy in Baghdad and reveals three rockets failed to launch as the anniversary of Soleimani’s killing approaches

    Trump tweeted about the attack Wednesday afternoon en route to Florida
    He said Iran was to blame and that three rockets did not explode
    Posted image of unexploded ordinance
    ‘If one American is killed, I will hold Iran responsible. Think it over’
    National security officials met Wednesday to develop ‘options’
    They are to be presented to Trump, and designed to be ‘non-escelatory’
    Rockets landed in Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone compound Sunday
    Trump said three did not explode and posted images

  5. Emergency News, # USA submarines soon will enter in to Persian gulf with one more Israeli submarine nuclear. WW3 ?
    IDG Chief: Israel Ready For A Forceful Response To Any Attack By Iran And Its Proxies

    In a speech on Sunday, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) Chief of the General Staff Aviv Kochavi while mentioning Iran’s increasing threats against Israel, said Israel is prepared for a harsh response to any attack by the Islamic Republic or its partner groups.

    “We are hearing more and more threats against Israel coming from Iran,” Kochavi said at an awards ceremony. “If Iran and its partners, members of the radical axis, in the first or second circle of countries, carry out action against the State of Israel, they will discover that they are in a very costly partnership.”

    Kochavi warned: “The Israeli army will forcefully attack anyone who is a partner, in part or in full, to action against the State of Israel or against Israeli targets.”

    “I am simplifying things and describing the situation to our enemies as it is,” he added. “Our retaliation plans are prepared, and they already have been practiced.”

    His comments come three weeks after the assassination of Iran’s top nuclear official and senior Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) member Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, who was killed outside Tehran. The Islamic Republic has blamed Mossad for the assassination.

    “Once again, the evil hands of global arrogance were stained with the blood of the mercenary usurper Zionist regime,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said after the assassination. “Iran will surely respond to the martyrdom of our scientist at the proper time.”

    Israel has been suspected of several targeted assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists both in Iran and Syria, along with several attacks on Iranian nuclear and weapons facilities in several cities.

    On Top of that, Israel has openly targeted hundreds of IRGC and its allies’ bases and positions in Syria and Iraq.

    “Over the past few years we prevented infiltrations in the South and the North,” Kochavi said. “We thwarted terrorist attacks by using a wide range of operations and nightly arrests in Judea and Samaria. We blocked cyberattacks and intercepted rockets that were launched toward civilian areas.”

    With tensions between Iran and Israel rising to new heights, it was reported on Monday by Arab intelligence officials that last week an Israel Navy submarine openly passed through the Suez Canal on Sunday with permission from Egypt.

    The submarine passed through the Red Sea and in the assessment of the Arab intelligence officials, would have been heading towards the Persian Gulf in what is assumed to be a message to Tehran.
    US Submarine Enters Persian Gulf To Show ‘Commitment To Allies’
    The US Naval Forces Central Command announced that the nuclear-powered Ohio-class guided missile submarine USS Georgia along with two cruisers transited the Strait of Hormuz entering the Persian Gulf, on December 21.

    A statement by the Navy said, “Georgia’s presence demonstrates the United States’ commitment to regional partners and maritime security with a full spectrum of capabilities to remain ready to defend against any threat at any time.”

    Tensions are high between the United States and Islamic Republic of Iran in the remaining weeks of President Donald Trump’s presidency. At least eight Katyusha rockets landed in Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone in an attack targeting the U.S. Embassy, causing some minor damage on the compound on Sunday. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Iran-backed Shiite militias for the attack.

    Pompeo tweeted: #Iran(link is external)-backed militias once again flagrantly and recklessly attacked in Baghdad, wounding Iraqi civilians. The people of #Iraq(link is external) deserve to have these attackers prosecuted. These violent and corrupt criminals must cease their destabilizing actions.

    There have been some statements from Iranian officials and allies in the region that the Trump administration and Israel might attempt a military attack on Iran-related targets to derail any fast rapprochement with Iran by President-elect Joe Biden.

    Mohsen BC Int Journalist

  6. Strange Sounds weekend was so much hot news i give you but never posted .
    It is ok now… Yes Strange sounds specially tonight see 2 stars closet each others.
    Locust attack , UK COVID 20 and much more news is coming. Sydney lock Down, Ottawa , all ONT is lock down, USA 50 states has no beds. 600.00 dollar check is slap in to face of all of us. I am glad see every one here. Merry Christmas and New Year . I scare of West Coast in 12 state with new full moon Soon After Christmas.
    All signs there .

      • Well, those locusts would make good bait depending on what fish are feeding on.

        Get a pile of em, and put inside a fish trap. You can smush them, and put them in a can with a hole, the pieces of insects will trickle out of the hole, then fish will swim inside trap, and can’t swim back out.
        Probably get some fish for dinner.

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