Where is winter exactly in Canada? Unprecedented snow buries parts of Labrador as residents find ways to dig out their front doors

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Where is the winter in Canada? Hopedale, Labrador snowstorm buries homes on Jan. 8th. Picture via Twitter

As much of the country continues to wonder, ‘where is winter exactly?,’ parts of Labrador are digging out from a significant blast of snow, one that prompted several school closures in the region early Friday.

Yes, heavy snow has literally buried parts of Labrador as residents find ways to dig out their front doors.

Winter storm and snowfall warnings remained in effect Friday morning, with some additional snow and strong northerly winds gusting up to 43.5 mph (70 kmh), making for poor visibility in blowing snow.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the continent, bombogenesis after bomb cyclones form in the Northern Pacific Ocean.

This weather is ‘unheard of

An unusual retrograding pattern has made for a mostly unsettled week across Atlantic Canada, as a strong blocking high in the North Atlantic continued to send storms west to east back into the region. But the impact, aside from the door covering snow in Labrador, hasn’t been anything too significant.

As temperatures remain on the mild side of seasonal, Thursday’s system mainly manifested as rain for the Maritimes and much of Newfoundland as well, leaving some residents in the normal ‘snowbelt’ regions questioning the conditions.

On a scour across the country for more typical signs of the winter season, much of the East Coast is indeed amid a snow deficit.

For St. John’s, Newfoundland for example, whose current 46.8 cm of snow is less than half its normal, it could not be a bigger reversal from last year where the city was buried by an epic snowstorm.

Be ready, weather specialists forcast a significant system with widespread precipitation during the second half of January. And it is coming pretty fast! More extreme weather news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [The Weather Network]

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  1. I was in Labrador in ’61 in the AF. Over a five day period of almost constant snow and wind, when it finally let up we had 90 inches total. Snow was about 3 ft. over the front door of my barracks. We dug a tunnel from the doorway out to the street that was cleared by snowplows. Cars in the entire parking lot were completely covered by snow, only radio antennas visible, poking up through the snow. Of course I was working outside, 12 hr shifts, noon till midnight 7 days a week. (And those fools tried to get me to reenlist.)

  2. You expect that old tv character Sgt. Preston and his dog to be roaming the land. We had times like these when I lived up in the hinterlands.

    Keep the wood burning stove going. Play some poker, and relax.

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