Giant baseball-sized hail hammers Alliance, Nebraska during apocalyptic night thunderstorms – crops, homes and cars destroyed!


Massive chunks of ice crashed into Alliance, Nebraska, on July 9, during severe overnight thunderstorms that brought high winds and baseball-sized hail across Nebraska Friday night and Saturday morning.

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Apocalyptic hail storm hits across Nebraska with baseball-sized chunks of ice in Alliance on July 9, 2021. Picture via Twitter

Approximately 200,000 homes lost power overnight across Nebraska in various locations. Much of the power has returned, but the Plattsmouth and Pierce areas remain heavily affected.

And the hail dropping like bombs on the ground and our food!

OH my god! Look at this hail right now!

The storm stretched as far west as Alliance, with the panhandle town reporting baseball-sized hail and a wind gust as high as 86 mph, and as far east as the Nebraska-Iowa border.

The National Weather Service in Omaha reported a tree falling on a house in Tilden, with the family getting stuck inside during the incident.

In some parts of Nebraska, crops have been totally wiped out:

Northeast Nebraska resident Trent Carstens reported seeing multiple trees knocked down in Battle Creek and Meadow Grove early Saturday morning.

Now is the time for that Nebraska hospitality and a kind helping hand from a neighbor,” Carstens said. He noted that he hoped for the “community to come together as one.” [News Channel Nebraska]

Back in April 2021, Texas set a new hail record after a giant chunk of ice went through a roof in Hondo near San Antonio… Do you think we will get another record in Nebraska too?

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  1. Yeah, must be “globull warming” again. Nope.
    I already quit eating corn, but that will be a big loss for the growers.

    Looks like the subaru has a claim to file. We’re at 102°. Just watered 125 trees earlier. Monsoon weather. Humid + high dew point. 18-24 mph. winds later with 20% chance of rain. Meh.

    Next few days we should get some big t-storms. Same crap every year for six years.

    We get up at 0400hrs. work till 0800hrs. Rest some. Then do more work from 1700hrs-2100hrs. My dog’s paws don’t like soil when it gets this hot. Have to use the path along tree shade. Dog’s have sensitive paws on hot soil.

    Expect higher prices on crops/foods, and supply chain mishaps. If you live offgrid, you try and have a full year of food/sundries on hand. I got it done. Plenty of ammo and armor to defend it, and dogs to spot intruders, so I can pop ’em.

    City flatlanders are toast. Zombie apocalypse will start in blue cities. Enjoy the apocalypse. Be sure and take you death shots and booster plague.

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