Vicious hailstorm dumps large hailstones up to 8 cm (over 3 inches) in diameter north of Florence – 8 injured – Heavy damage

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Vicious hailstorm and strong winds Tuscany on September 26, 2021. Picture via youtube video

Sunday’s worst weather event probably was a devastating hailstorm that produced hailstones up to 8 cm (over 3 inches) in diameter and injured at least 8 people north of Florence!

Hailstones like tennis balls destroyed cars and windows in the province of Florence. Here some videos of the apocalyptic event:

The vicious thunderstorm hit badly the town of Bivigliano in the municipality of Vaglia, where the ice boombs smashed dozens of windshields and windows, while the strong roofs destroyed roofs. According to residents, such a storm has never happened in the area.

This video was recorded in Borgo San Lorenzo. Fortunately, the storm system then weakened slightly, arriving in Romagna with only heavy rain and lightning.

OMG! That is crazy!

Moreover, tornadoes extreme rainfall and hurricane winds (up to 140 kilometers per hour) swept across the province of Massa and Carrara and Pisa, uprooting centuries-old pines, seriously damaging roofs of several buildings and cutting power to hundreds of customers.

A terrifying Sunday storm… And probably some more to come! [Italy24News, La Nazione]

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