Unusual freak hailstorm hits Saudi Arabia

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An unusual freak hailstorm hit Saudi Arabia on April 6, 2016 covering the desert, streets and entire cities with white icy stones. The thunderstorms were so powerful that they created a tornado just 100km way from Riyadh. And here it comes: Stormy conditions are growing and sweeping across Saudi Arabia since Monday, April 3, 2016. The storm line has now reached central Saudi Arabia where the...

Disaster movie: Apocalyptical full-scale landslide swallows up entire road in Ulyanovsk

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That is worst than in a disaster movie! Apocalyptical full-scale landslide in Ulyanovsk as several hundred square meters and, obviously, a few thousand cubic meters of soil literally collapsed in one day. This is the first full-scale landslide in this area of the Volga in the last 57 years. The collapse of the soil started on April 5, 2016 at about 8:00am. And...

Mysterious 16 km long swarm of jellyfish engulfs coastal Chile – Next powerful earthquake ahead?

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What the heck is going on in coastal Chile? The Chilean Navy spotted a giant swarm of jellyfish stretching over 16 km between San Pedro Bay to Farellones Los Lobos. Is this the next massive animal die-off? Or the sign of an incoming apocalyptical earthquake? In any cases, this is really strange and has never seen before in Chile. A massive gathering of jellyfish,...

Strange flying object observed at Popocatepetl volcano on March 31 2016

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A strange flying object was observed near the Popocatepetl volcano on Thursday March 31, 2016. What could it be? In the video, broadcast through the Twitter account of @webcamsdemexico, you can clearly see an unidentified flying object crossing the sky behind the volcanic peak. What is this? Lens flare? airplane? or real UFO? Volcanoes have been a favourite site for alien hunters over the...

Heavy April snowfall engulfs Xinjiang, northwest China

Winter is back in China. Heavy snowfall engulfed Xinjiang in northwest China over the weekend. Heavy snow covered northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region from Saturday to Sunday, leaving over 300 vehicles stranded on the roads. A few road sections on the No. 314 national road in Aktao County were covered by 50-centimeter-thick snow. Many vehicles were trapped in snow and a queue...

Billions of baby red crabs return to Christmas Island… Sometimes

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We mostly hear about the yearly migration of adult red crabs on Christmas Island. And we therefore forget about the baby red crabs that sometimes, because it is not frequent at all, invade streets, beaches and forests after their insane trip in the Ocean waters. For the second year running, in 2015, there has been a fantastic return of baby red...

Massive animal die-offs around the world in April 2016

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Since the beginning of this month, animal mass die-offs and kills spread around the world. Turtles, dolphins, birds and other fish die in mysterious events. But the worst is that nobody or only very few seem to care about! More than 700 dead turtles have been found dead in the past 2 months along coast of Guerrero, Mexico. Todo Texcoco Five dolphins and other marine animals...

Monster sinkhole swallows house and gardens in Vietnam

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Hundreds of people living in Hoa Lac village (Tien commune, My Duc District, Hanoi) rushed out of their homes after hearing a terrifying noise outside. There they discovered a monster gap of 10 meters in diameter and 7 meters deepth that swallowed the main road. The Death Pit! The giant sinkhole opened up at around 8:30 am. It swallowed a house and injureda...

Motorway collapses into a massive sinkhole in Thailand

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A motorway in the north of Bangkok, Thailand collapsed into a massive 13ft deep sinkhole on April 4, 2016. The deep crater stretches almost over 400ft (120 metres). The road is now closed indefinitely and inspectors have found other small cracks along the highway. It is still unknown how the giant chiasm opened up. But the water level at a nearby canal has fallen...

After hail, snow in Guadeloupe

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The images recorded by an amateur camera are hardly believable! Snow fell on Saint Claude, Guadeloupe after hail a few days ago. Snow anomaly in Guadeloupe, Caribbean. Snow fell on the commune of Saint Claude situated at the base of the Soufrière volcano. A complete unexpected meteorological phenomenon. How come? Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Anomalic hailstorm drops four inches of ice on Darjeeling, India

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An exceptional and anomalic hailstorm covered Darjeeling, India white on April 1, 2016. The unprecedent storm and heavy winds covered the town in more than 4 inches of ice stones in just an hour. Insane. This is not snow! No an extreme hailstorm whtitened Darjeeling. But this icy Darjeeling was greeted with much enthusiasm by local residents and tourists alike. Tea planters are concerned...

Sky turns red during exceptional dust storm in Algeria

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This dust storm was so intense that the sky of Ouargla, Algeria turned blood red on April 1, 2016. Sandstorms are actually common in this part of the country during this season. They are however considered exceptionally strong this year. An exceptionally intense sandstorm hit the provinces of Ouargla, Ghardaia and Tamanrasset, southern Algeria on Friday, April 1, 2016. The national road 1...

Temperature anomaly: The first 70°F reading in Alaska during March in any year!

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If 2015 broke all records of heat, the 2016 wants overcome them. Alaska reports its first 70°F reading during March in any year! Alaska has had plenty of anomalic weather in recent months, but Thursday took it to a new extreme. The temperature measured at Klawock Airport in Southeast Alaska hit 71 degrees. And this is a record high for the state for...

Sakurajima volcano eruption throws column of ash and gas 3 km in the air

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Mt. Sakurajima, Japan had intense eruptions on April 1 and April 2, 2016. At night and during the day, the volcano threw columns of ash and gas at a height of between 2 500 and 3 500 meters above the volcanic crater peak. This is the volcano's highest ash cloud created by the Japanese volcano in almost a year. The explosions were...

Volcano Nevado del Ruiz erupts in Colombia on March 31, 2016

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A strong explosion occurred at the volcano Nevado del Ruiz in Colombia on March 31, 2016. Just prior the eruption increased seismic activity was captured by seismometers around the volcano. The resulting ash column rose 3,500 m to 30,000 ft (9 km) altitude and drifted NW. Ash fall is likely in nearby areas. The Manizales volcano observatory reported that over the past days,...

Supercell monsters sweep across Oklahoma on March 30, 2016

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Severe thunderstorms have developed over the central United States and will threaten the Mississippi Valley Thursday, March 31, 2016. And they created these awesome supercell monsters across Oklahoma on March 30, 2016. Enjoy these epic pictures! People across the region should prepare for the possibility of severe storms spawning damaging winds, large hail and potentially a few tornadoes. Cities at risk for...

Copahue volcano erupting in Chile and pictured from space

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The volcanic unrest continues... Now in Chile as the Copahue volcano erupted on March 28, 2016. And this picture is from NASA astronaut Jeff Williams who is currently aboard the International Space Station, from which the eruption was clearly visible. The Copahue volcano erupted on March 28, 2016 after weeks of gradually increasing activity. The volcano had been exhibiting increased ash emission for...

Epic storm and destructive tornado sweeps through Owasso, Oklahoma – March 30 2016

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A destructive tornado touched down near the Stone Canyon neighborhood in Owasso on Wednesday evening, March 30, 2016. At least seven people were injured and authorities were evaluating damage that included a destroyed home after severe storms spawned multiple tornado touchdowns in northeastern Oklahoma on Wednesday night. Run under cover, it's coming! The tornado touched down and lifted up numerous times as...

Giant 80-foot wide sinkhole forces evacuation of several homes in Tarpon Springs, Florida

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This giant 80-foot wide sinkhole forced the evacuation of seven homes in the Tarpon Shores Mobile Home Park at 89 Rachel Drive in Tarpon Springs, Florida. The giant crater is estimated to be roughly 35 feet deep. It has already swallowed a fence, a utility pole and portion of a nearby road and still growing. City contractors were repairing a previous road collapse when...

100 starlings mysteriously fall from the sky in Redding, California

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About 100 starlings were found dead along Interstate 5 north of Redding, California. State officials are baffled and trying to figure out the origin of this bird mass die-off. After hundreds of crows in Michigan and 13 bald eagles in Maryland, it's now the residents of Redding, California who are confronted with an enigmatic mass die-off of nearly 100 starlings that...