Montana Issues Over 6000 permits to Hunt the Last 625 Remaining Wolves

There's is going to be some blood... On the hunters' side. Indeed, in Montana, there is a 1:10 (wolf : hunter) ratio and 6.000 want to shoot at least one.   How is this possible! They want to exterminate wolfs in Montana! Indeed, this state issued over 6000 permits at 19$ piece (ridiculous) to hunt the last 625 remaining wolves in...

Three Examples of ‘Immortal’ Underground Fires That Are Currently Burning Under the U.S.

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There are some phenomena out there you just won't believe they exist! 'Immortal' underground fires are such cases. And they are plenty of them across the world. People just don't speak about this oddity. Here 3 examples of such underground mysterious blazes that are just burning under your feet in the U.S.

Lake Natron in Tanzania transforms animals into statues creating eerie natural sculptures

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Look at these photographs of calcified animals! It is surely the most horrific depiction of the "bird of peace" since Picasso's Guernica. Lake Natron is situated in Tanzania and is everything but hospitable: its water temperatures can reach 60 °C, and its alkalinity is between pH 9 and pH 10.5. Yes, pretty harsh! Natron, so the name of the lake, is a naturally occurring...

High Radioactivity: Impacts of Shale Gas Wastewater Disposal on Water Quality in Western Pennsylvania

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Breaking news: High levels of radioactivity and salinity have been found in river water and sediments near a wastewater discharge site connected to a fracking operation in Pennsylvania. In its research paper entitled:"Impacts of Shale Gas Wastewater Disposal on Water Quality in Western Pennsylvania," a research team from the Duke University analyzed sediments and water samples from a creek in western...

Seabed Gouging by Ice: Discover 6 Amazing Photographs of Iceberg Scours and Gouges

These strange and somewhat unexpected forms have been carved and dug (pockmarks: craters in seabed caused by fluids - gas and liquids - erupting and streaming through the sediments) by glaciers and icebergs in the seabed sediments. Let's discover some of the weirdest!   1. Gigantic "9" Carved in the Barents Sea sediments. It makes you think icebergs can count? Well at least...

Fairy Circle Mystery: New Explanation for the Strange Earth Phenomenon

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Have you ever heard about the Fairy Circle Mystery? No? Well scientists have found a new expanation for this weird earth phenomenon! Science is a never ending road and each time a scientist believes he’s solved a mystery, someone else comes up with another explanation. This is exactly the case for the mysterious fairy circles, these bare and circular patches of land ringed by...

Not One, But Three New Islands Following Major Pakistan’s Earthquake

When the shock of the temblor subsided on Tuesday, people living in the coastal town of Gwadar were stunned to see a new island in the sea. That's not all. Two other islands have come up along the Balochistan coast. The island near Gwadar is about 600 feet in diameter and has a height of about 30 feet. Moreover, gas was coming...

Dangerous US Sinkholes Swallow a Recycling Truck is St-Louis and Kill a Person in Middletown

Large sinkholes are opening up every day around the USA. Here, I feature two tragic cave-ins that occurred on september 24 2013 and which swallowed a garbage truck in ST-Louis, Missouri and killed a man in Middletown, Delaware. 1. Huge sinkhole swallows garbage truck in St-Louis Missouri - September 24 2013 A garbage truck fell into a sinkhole Tuesday morning after...

Two Unexpected Animal Behaviors: Spider Webs Across Texas and Giant Hornet Attack in China

Today, two surprising and terrifying events occurred on two different sides of the world. 1. Giant spider webs cover Dallas and surroundings As shown in the following video, thin and sticky white spider webs appeared overnight on buildings and vehicles across north Texas. They represent a migratory method used by a certain variety of spiders. Do not worry, they are not dangerous. Last year, spiders...

Incredible Geological Oddity: New Island Emerges in Arabian Sea After Pakistan’s 7.7 Quake

Incredible but true: A massive, 7.7 magnitude earthquake - that struck south-central Pakistan on Tuesday afternoon local time - raised a new 30-40 feet high and 100 feet long island, off the coast of Gwadar in the Arabian Sea. Although weird, this phenomenon is not as unusual as it seems. Older residents of the coastal town said the land emergence was...

Large Sinkhole Swallows Cars After Floods in Houston

Houston was flooded friday night. And they left a mark: A huge, eight-foot-deep sinkhole opened up at the intersection of Fairdale and Fountain View in the Galleria Area and started to swallow cars on Monday. Indeed some drivers mistook the cave-in for a large puddle of water and drove right into it. Workers at a nearby restaurant construction site say...

Strange Earth Phenomenon: Mysterious Black Holes Found in Oceans (VIDEOS)

According to researchers from ETH Zurich and the University of Miami, the mysterious phenomenon of black holes has a mathematical equivalent on Earth in the form of huge ocean vortices. They capture and carry water without the slightest leakage. The mild winters experienced in Northern Europe are thanks to the Gulf Stream, which makes up part of those ocean currents...

Mysterious Animal Behavior: The Zombie Pigeons of Moscow

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Pigeons, those hardy urban survivalists, rarely evoke much sympathy in humans. But last year, many residents of the Russian capital, Moscow, have expressed alarm at the growing number of dead and dying pigeons on city streets. What's most unnerving is the way the normally spunky birds are behaving: they aren't reacting to anything at all, don't even pay attention to you,...

‘Strange’ Sinkhole Swallows and Kills Hunter Near Buckhorn in Missouri

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A marine felt and died on monday after falling into a 70 feet deep sinkhole while hunting north of Buckhorn in Missouri. It is believed that the sinkhole opened up during heavy rains last month. Well look at this 'sinkhole'. I would say that its shape is much too cylindrical to be natural. It actually reminds me of mysterious holes that were found in the...

Large Sinkhole Swallows a Smart Car in Jacksonville Florida

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Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida -- A woman's quick thinking helped her escape from her sinking Smart car, just seconds before it was fully submerged under ground. Madaline Keeble says she drove through what looked like a water main break, and didn't realize how saturated the ground was under it. "I saw some water on the road, and I saw the...

WTF is This Mysterious Sea Monster Caught by an Oil-Rig Cam?

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Underwater video has recorded an impressive but mysterious sea monster! Do you know what it is? Drilling in the deep ocean can sometimes be surprising! Watch this mysterious creature caught by an oil-rig cam. Look at the wide and beautiful bell of this weird animal: It ressembles a translucent, folding sheet as it moves. Majestuous! But what is this mysterious sea monster? A jellyfish? A...

But Why Are So Many Whales and Dolphins Dying Mysteriously All Over The World These Days?

Giant fin whale found dead on beach in the Netherlands - September 15 2013 Viewers surround the carcass of a dead fin whale on the beach of s Gravenzande, The Netherlands, on September 16, 2013. The six metre long whale was already dead when it stranded and was found on 15 September. You will find photos here. Mysterious death of five...

Violent Waterspout Moves Onshore in Thailand Causing Damages and Injuries

This CCTV footage shows the panic reactions of many people just before, during and after a large waterspout moved onshore in Thailand on september 11 2013. Papers, chairs, desktops and pieces of furniture are flying all over. It must have been an incredible scary experience... Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Rare Weather Phenomenon: Twin Storms Slam Opposite Coasts of Mexico – September 16 2013

Two weeks ago, authorities were baffled by the absence of hurricanes... Well, look at this: Not one, but two tropical storms lashed Mexico's opposite coasts in a rare one-two punch that has killed over 40 people.   (SOURCE) Hurricane Ingrid weakened to tropical storm strength as it made landfall on the northeastern coast in the morning while the Pacific coast reeled from the...

Kiruna city relocation has started after mining activities threaten residents

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Sweden is forced to move the WHOLE city center of Kiruna to new land two miles east after mining caused massive cracks in the ground. So, 3'000 apartments and houses are being relocated over two decades. And this has just started end of April 2015! The small city of Kiruna, is being relocated to make way for an expansion for iron ore mining as...