Strong and Violent Hailstorms in Zurich and Geneva Switzerland (VIDEO) – June 18 to 20 2013


It was just a matter of time! After 3 following days at 35°C, violent thunderstorms hit all over Switzerland.

amazing thunderstorm in switzerland june 2013

Storms sometimes accompanied by hailstones the size of ping pong balls or even as big as eggs in Zurich on June 18 2013. Yes you are not dreaming: some were even as big as eggs!

strong hailstorm over zurich june 18 2013, hagel zurich juni 2013

The first thunderstorms started in Graubünden and spread over the Rhine Valley to Zurich, Winterthur and Eglisau, where it was the strongest.

Here the apocalypse filmed in Geneva june 20 2013:

Hail was accompanied by stormy gusts of wind of up to 96 kmh.

huge hail on zurich june 2013, juni 2013, hagel in zurich

Can you imagine you get these 4 cm large hail on your head? I bet it would almost dig a hole in it! 🙂

It is speculated that the hail storm will cost about CHF 15 million since several thousands of buildings were damaged.

Now the storm is spreading west and reached Geneva today at around 2 p.m. Listen to this, it is apocalyptical!


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