Strange Booming Sounds Around the World: USA, Canada, Australia – October 2013


In this post, I report strange sounds or Hums that were reported as comments on the Strange Sounds blog! Thank you for your posts

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It seems that the loud booms increase again. After a small drop in occurences, they are back and reported from all over the US up to western Canada and Australia.

Loud booms in Odessa Washington – October 24 2013

i heard two loud booms coming from the sky almost straight up above me around 11:51-12:00am oct. 24th, 2013 in Odessa washington. booms almost sounded like thunder but no lightning or clouds and crystal clear, sounded to be coming from a southern direction but up very high. i heard two of them between the time above with each lasting 4-8 seconds.

Loud booms in Vancouver Canada – October 23 2013

We heard exactly this noise last night (October 23, 2013) in North Vancouver. We lived quite close to the industrial area of the waterfront and thought it might be coming from there but it was hard to tell which direction the noise was coming from. Very unnerving…

Loud booms in Clarksville TN – October 23 2013

We always hear it too. We live near the hospital in Clarksville and it almost sounds like thunder, but it’s too uniform of a sound. It seems random when we hear it though. Usually at night, but not always. Never anything in sight. We suspect it may be military?

Loud Boom in Lindenhurst NY – October 18 2013

A loud boom shook our house in Lindenhurst NY on 10/18 at approx. 10pm

Loud booms in Hopkinsville KY – October 17 2013

I live Hopkinsville. We are hearing it to.. I hear toys it’s being heard in the sango area, Woodlawn and even close to Ashland city.. I assume it’s a training exercise but your right, it’s loud. Sounds like a war zone.. And no one knows what’s going on.. I heard a low flying plane that rattled my windows and shock my house around 11:30. After that the booming seems to have slowed down and possible stopped.

Loud Booms in Clarkville TN – October 16 2013

It’s October 16th 2013 and my entire family and Facebook friends have heard loud booms in clarksville, TN. My daughter said it sounded like a giant transformer taking over clarksville. Whatever it is, I’m not liking it. It started around 9 and its 11:30 now and i just heard another. If it was military, I wish they would let us know. Tired of the rumble and hope it isn’t serious.

Strange Sounds in the sky over Brisbane – September 10 2013

Strange sounds in the sky were being heard in Brisbane last night. This sound was continuous, but varied in volume. It was consistent for well over an hour and was loud. When being observed, it was as if the sound was coming from the sky. Then at about 8pm, it slowly lost volume and stopped. Similar sounds have been reported all over the world.

Strange booming noises in Seaford NY – September 15 2013

Last night in seaford ny my husband and I heard two off sounds in quick succession. Sounded like pressurized air? Was stange did not sound like a plane at all. Did anyone else hear anything?

Military trainings may have triggered some. But have you recognized that the booms were heard around the New Madrid fault. Is it going to explode soon?

Read this article to understand natural and man-made origins of these loud booms and weird strange sounds.

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  1. I am trying to find any archival or anecdotal information regarding a series of unexplained loud booms, with a shock wave, which occurred in parts of Lee and Darlington Counties, South Carolina around 9pm in May of either 2000 or 2001. I’m “leaning” towards this occurring on May 25, 2001, actually, if my memory serves me correctly. The incident was reported in “The State” newspaper, but I am unable to find any record of this using the archives search online. I experienced these booms personally while outside walking one of my dogs, and the shock wave from at least one of the series of four explosions was powerful enough to knock me over backwards. There was no flash or other visible sign of an explosion and I do recall that the article specifically stated that no seismic activity was recorded by the USGS within the state that might have accounted for the booms. Oddly enough, immediately prior to the booms, I observed an Apache helicopter(100% of that ID), complete with the rocket launchers on the sides, traveling very slowly, at a very low altitude, with all the lights activated on the outside, moving in an easterly direction parallel to Kelly Bridge Road in northern Lee County. The helicopter was flying erratically, and the engine did not sound right, more like it was “misfiring”, and I actually assumed that the crew were looking for a spot to make an emergency landing in the cotton field next to my house. I live within 30 minutes of Shaw AFB, so I am used to seeing Apaches and other military helicopters, but I got the impression that there was something very wrong with this one. It did not land, however, but continued flying over the highway towards the town of Hartsville, in Darlington County. About the time that the sound of the rotors faded, the loud explosions took place, and my first thought as I picked myself up from the ground was that the helicopter had either crashed and exploded or that the missiles had accidentally been fired. My grandfather, who lived on the other side of field, drove up to my place afterwards to check on me. The blasts had been strong enough to crack some windows in his house. All of my dogs and dogs around the neighborhood in the community of Ashland were barking and howling for quite some time following the blasts and were clearly upset. I do recall the news article mentioning that people in the community of Pine Ridge, north of Hartsville in Darlington County, had called into their sheriff’s office to report loud explosions and described seeing a helicopter with rocket launchers, as well, at the same time I experienced this, even though this community is about a 15 minute drive from where I live. There was no report of a helicopter crash or inadvertent launch of any missiles, nor any indications of an earthquake at the time.

  2. We live in orlando florida and hear it all the time including other people we know. Its very alarming but heard it again tonight december 15,2013. Some are saying its the iron plant x pulling towards us but also say the govermant isn’t going to warn us of anything of this. Don’t know what to think!

  3. I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and I have been hearing these exact same booming noises over the last couple of days! And so have some other people I know… also the weather has been insane since 1.5 week. Hurricane and tornado insane… seriously, normally we don’t ever have this kinda weather in The Netherlands! What’s going on?!

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