Strange Sounds Mystery in Southampton UK – October 2013


What about the mysterious strange sounds in Southampton, UK? An investigation has been launched into a mystery night-time noise that has been plaguing residents for months.

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Industries in Southampton Water: ARe they responsible for the Southampton Hum?

People living in the industrial Waterside area of Southampton Water have been driven to distraction by the low-frequency drone that has been keeping them awake. Some have taken to staying overnight at the homes of family and friends to avoid the buzz, while others have reportedly taken tablets to help them sleep through the noise. New Forest District Council is trying to find the cause of the sound, which starts at around 10pm.

A spokesman said: “Within the last week we have received approximately 10 complaints relating to a low-frequency noise in the Waterside area. The complaints refer to the noise similar to that of a low-frequency drone, which has been occurring during the night for several months. Due to the large amount of heavy industry processes along the Waterside area, the Environment Agency and New Forest District Council environmental health teams are now working together to establish the source of the noise. Out-of-hours monitoring is to be carried out as part of the investigation.”

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