Strange Sounds in the sky and mystery booms reported in the USA, Canada and the UK in January 2018 and nobody understands what’s going on


Mysterious booms shaking houses… Strange sounds in the sky… What the heck in going on in our sky in underground?

Strange Trumpet Sounds from Sky in Texas on January 8, 2018

Strange sounds from the sky. U.K on January 15, 2018

Strange Sounds in the sky of Regina, Canada on January 2, 2018

A mystery loud boom shocked and panicked residents after a suspected thunder storm roared through Merseyside, UK on January 15, 2018. Although the sound was heard around Merseyside, most reports centred around the Wallasey area. A resident reports: ‘All of my neighbours were out of their houses trying to figure out what it was. They thought there had been an explosion.

There have been multiple reports of a loud “boom” and the ground shaking in the Midland Valley area of Aiken County in South Carolina on January 8, 2018… But no earthquakes were reported on the USGS website.

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mystery booms around the world in January 2018

Out of nowhere, just this pow. Just this huge explosion… A mysterious “boom” rattled North Oak Cliff, North Texas on January 11, 2018 and residents have no idea what exactly it was or what it could mean. The explosive noise was heard around 8:34 p.m.. Some reported seeing a flash first, then the loud noise.

Residents of Fannin and Gilmer counties in Georgia were trying to find the source of what is being described as a loud explosion. The boom that took place had enough force that some residents were reporting their homes shaking from the blast.

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Strange Sounds in the sky in January 2018

A mystery boom shook houses in Pewamo, Michigan on January 1, 2018 at about 4 p.m. Reports came from all over northeast Ionia County from Carson City, down to Westphalia, Lyons, Muir. So far, there are no definitive answers as to what caused it. Speculation ranged from someone playing with dynamite to an earthquake to an attack by North Korea. Another explanation could be that the sound came from a frost quake.

So what is going on in our skies and underground?

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  1. Very strange. It seems that something is Making us think that these are the sounds of Trumpets. With all the fake bull that is on line what do u believe? But what if? Greg T

  2. Nevada, Fernley Tesla plant, loud boom almost rumbling building ,??? then with dark sky clouds
    screachinbg like metal on metal almost sounds from sky, or in the area. Several of the Tesla employees and myself just ran or walked quickly to our cars and left. February 9 2018 1:15 pm

  3. I did a search for “sounds like horn in sky,” which was then changed to “sky horn sounds 2018,” because I just heard what sounded very similar to that which is heard on many videos…and I was curious to see if there have been new reports this year.

    I live near Asheville, NC; I heard the sounds around 2:30 in the driveway of my parents’ house as I was leaving. I was in my car with the door closed when I heard the first blast. After the second one, I opened my door to get a better listen. The 3rd one (the first one I heard with my car off & the door open) confirmed that it sounded like the ‘sky trumpets.’ I caught the 4th and possibly 5th on video.

    The initial 3 were the loudest; each of those blasts carried about the same volume. The 4th lasted for the longest duration of time and was not as loud as the 3 preceeding it. They were spaced in uneven intervals of time.


    Just passing this info on in case there have been or will be other reports of this sound from the Western NC region.

    • Thanks for notification! Were you able to define sound source and direction? North, south or sky etc? And were they more manmade-like or more “paranormal”?

  4. The sounds are just the inner core of the earth rubbing the crustal places. the inner core spinns faster than the outer shell of the earth when a large magnetic force pulls the core of the earth it can rub the side of the crust causing increses in earthquakes and volcanic activity. This large steller objects also knocks material out of place in the astroid belit causeing the metor impact discribed in the other story. So to recap the sounds of trumpets were just the earth core sccrapeing the mantal. the flash of light and was a meterite entering the atmosphere. 2018 is going ot be a geologically sunigifinate year as well as bad weater and low food production causing global striff and major issues.

    • I believe you are right. My sister heard this sound recently. She prayed about it. I had just finished looking up on these events. Before I could send it to her to see if anything sounded familiar she text me God told her it was the earth’s plates. I had skimmed your response just prior and told her what you said. That was a nice confirmation. The Bible says in Romans 8:22 as previous verses talk about creation being subject to corruption and bondage, Verse 22 says, “For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now.” Even the earth is tired of the sun and corruption that it’s subject to.

    • Yeah…it does! Or a radar? Maybe earth shifting preparing for Big Quake! Nothing like a Trumpets! What I heard, you don’t ask what it is..You will know!!!

      • I’m telling ya’ll…it’s about to get Really Scary!! I heard the voice of the Lord. He said, Go To Your People. I then heard Trumpets Blowing. They were TRUMPETS!!! You don’t have to ask what they are! You will know! Old time Trumpets. Some of these sound like a tornado siren? Or a whale??

      • Oh! And by the way… I love you All Brother’s and Sisters! Those of you that got a ear, Listen! And keep looking up! Anytime Now. ❤???

  5. It was a sonic boom. In the early 60’s I heard them all the time from the B-58’s blowing past. In fact, they other day I heard one and later found out from my brother an F-16 busted Mach and got in trouble for that inside a city area. Doesn’t happen too often however.

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