Amazing Architecture: The Movable Merchant Square Footbridge (VIDEO)


London’s newest movable footbridge is both simple and spectacular.

The Bridge, at the heart of Merchant Square, is made up of 5 steel beams that open and close in sequence, rising to different angles. Amazing!

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A picture of London’s newest movable Merchant Square footbridge in Paddington.

The movable Merchant Square footbridge is a beautiful and efficient bridge design that should satisfy both artists and engineers. The 3m wide movable structure is located in Paddington, London and spans across the 20-meter wide Grand Union Canal. It has finally opened to the public last month.

This movable bridge, conceived by Knight Architects and structural engineers AKT II, is another engineering wonder like the Falkirk Wheel in Scotland: The only rotative boat lift in the world.

The new movable Merchant Square footbridge creates a kinetic sculpture whose silhouette is both legible and extraordinary. Thumb up!

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