Pink Cloud Baffles Residents Of Arizona from Tucson to Phoenix and Flagstaff (Photo And Video)


This eerie pink cloud was observed by many from Phoenix to Tucson and Flagstaff, Arizona.

So what’s behind this mysterious sky phenomenon?

Did you also see this alien pink cloud in the sky of from Phoenix to Tucson and Flagstaff? The likely reason behind this unique phenomenon is a NASA rocket launch.

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ABC15 Arizona

Indeed, NASA launched a research rocket from White Sands Missile Range, in southern New Mexico, early Wednesday morning to study ionization in space.

And this experiment released a small amount of vapor, which have been illuminated by  creating the pink clouds many people across Arizona reported on February 25, 2014.

It’s really rocket time as Chinese space junk lit up the entire west coast yesterday morning!

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  1. Saw a similar looking phenomenon with a launch out of Vandenburg about 20 years ago I knew when the launch was happening and went out in the early evening. Saw the rocket going up on schedule. Suddenly this beautiful pink and purple glow blossomed out from the rear of the rocket stretching for miles back along its trajectory. I recall reading they thought such displays were some sort of plasma or ionization effect. They’re pretty rare so I was lucky. I rondel if this is what that experiment was about.

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