Omnious shelf cloud rolls across North Georgia in one of the most incredible scene I have ever seen


Look at these creepy pictures and videos of omnious looking clouds that engulfed parts of North Georgia on July 12th, 2021. The picture below was captured from River of Life Church in Nicholson, Georgia:

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Unusual shelf cloud sweeps across Georgia on July 12 2021. Picture: Jane Worley

The ground-scrubbing cloud tendrils occur when the leading edge of cool, thunderstorm outflow acts as a wedge, forcing humid air upward ahead of the storm.

Now look at the apocalyptic cloud in this amazing video:

This shelf cloud is a scary-looking beast! It was the leading edge of a squall line creeping up from South Georgia.

Here’s another video of the creepy storm cloud…

As if the thunderstorm had several layers… Terrifying!

What are shelf clouds anyhow?

According to the NOAA Glossary, an Arcus cloud is, “a low, horizontal cloud formation associated with the leading edge of thunderstorm outflow (i.e., the gust front).

Shelf and roll clouds are types of arcus clouds.

Shelf vs roll clouds

Shelf clouds are usually associated with rising cloud motion along the leading edge and rather turbulent looking skies beneath it. The thunderstorm outflow is the result of evaporation of raindrops behind the leading edge.

The more dense, evaporatively cooled air moves forward as a density current.

Outflow boundaries can also lift the air and initiate new storms.

In contrast, a roll cloud as, “A low, horizontal tube-shaped arcus cloud associated with a thunderstorm gust front (or sometimes with a cold front). In comparison to shelf clouds, they are typically detached from the base of the thunderstorm cloud.

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  2. Remarkable.

    Wish we could see inside the clouds. Couldn’t see any demon faces on the leading edge. Sometimes you can see angels and demons more easily in the clouds. Most people don’t notice.

    Take pictures —one after the other, for a minute or two, next times a huge storm front moves in. Then examine the pictures slowly. You’ll see.

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