New mysterious noise heard in BC – This time in Oliver


A mysterious noise and followed by rumblings have been heard and felt in Oliver, BC, on September 18, 2015.

But the source of the booming sound remains unexplained.

After Terrace, it’s now residents of Oliver to report mysterious sounds. You remember? Here is the video:

The explosion-like noise happened at around 3 am and sounded like something blowing up. The vibrations were so strong that it set off a car alarm.

Although some reports that it didn’t feel or sound like an earthquake, some witnesses said their houses shook. The latest quake in the area was 4 days ago.

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So if no earthquake, than what? An explosion? A meteor exploding in the sky? A patrol was made but the origin was not located. Nothing has been found suggesting something exploded.

Watch some more mystery booms reports from 1900 to 2015 in my mystery booms’ list.

Well it seems that nobody has an idea of what it was… Do you?

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