So much beauty: Amazing crepuscular rays at Gabicce Mare, Italy


There is so much beauty in this picture… in nature.

Just some other amazing crepuscular rays illuminating Gabicce Mare in Italy.

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Photo of these heavenly beautiful crepuscular rays by Niccolò Ubalducci

As described by the University of Illinois: […] Crepuscular rays occur when objects such as mountain peaks or clouds partially shadow the sun’s rays. The name crepuscular means “relating to twilight” and these rays are observed at sunrise and sunset. Crepuscular rays appear to diverge outward from the setting sun, and are visible only when the atmosphere contains enough haze or dust particles so that sunlight in unshadowed areas can be scattered toward the observer.

Light rays scattered by dust and haze occasionally appear to converge toward the “antisolar” point, (the location on the horizon opposite the point where the sun is setting). These rays, called anti-crepuscular rays, originate at the sun, cross over the sky to the opposite horizon, and appear to converge toward the antisolar point because of perspective.[…]

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