Best proof of chemtrailing? Group of fallstreak holes baffles UK residents


Incredible timelapse video of large fallstreak holes in the clouds over Bournemouth, UK on October 10, 2016.

There is really something strange happening in our skies! Thanks to Steve Beck for capturing the video!

The group of leaky clouds has also been captured by Nigel Rees drifting over the River Beaulieu.

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Look at the video again. There is a small piece of cloud travelling across the longest fallstreak hole at the end of the video (3-4 seconds before the end):

Did you catch it?

Isn’t that group of hole punch clouds the best proof of chemtrailing?

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  1. I have been watching the skies for years. Saw my first chemtrail while in South Florida visiting relatives in Nov. 1999. Have taken hundred of photos over the years in at least 23 states. I have seem chemtrails in England, France, Belgium, Spain and Australia over this time period.
    The Feds deny these programs for spraying the skies, however one can look up “geo-engineering” or weather modification and read of the seminars and conference that are held on this topic.

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