Mystery booms echoing around Nottingham have no explanations


What are these mystery booms heard over Nottingham two nights in a row?

The loud booming noises echoe around Nottingham every few minutes, most nights after 2am.

mysterious booms nottingham may 2017, mysterious booms nottingham, mysterious booms nottingham video, mysterious booms nottingham may 27 2017 videoMysterious booms are being heard across Nottingham and nobody knows why
Mysterious booms are being heard across Nottingham and nobody knows why.

A loud “booming” noise has been heard above Nottingham and people are desperate to find out what it was.

Many people have taken to Social Networks to try and find out where the mysterious booms are coming from with one person saying: “It sounds like the war of the worlds in Nottingham at the moment. Unknown catastrophically loud noise every two minutes.

The unexplained noise has been described as a “roaring” and “rumbling” noise, which has happened every few minutes over night.

Officials haven’t been able to find the source of the strange sounds yet… But are working on it 🙂

Last March, strange noises from the sky also puzzled residents of Nottingham.

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