Mysterious booms waking up people at night are increasing again in the USA but nobody knows why


Mysterious booms waking up people at night are increasing again within last week and nobody knows why. Do you know what’s behing the loud rumbling noises?

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Mysterious booms are increasing in the USA but nobody knows why.

This guy heard a loud boom and went outside to see this on February 2, 2018:

February 2, 2018 – At approximately 7:15 p.m., February 2, 2018 a large boom / explosion was heard in the City of Ennis. This was caused by an industrial ashalt container car that blew its pop off valve causing the loud boom ;-). There were no injuries associated with this event. Yes this is most probably a cover-up.

January 31, 2018 – No, you’re not crazy. Those loud booms you’ve been hearing? The city of Springfield wants to know more about them. But we still have no clues!

On January 30, 2018, Hundreds of people across the Charlotte area were awoken by a loud thunderous crashing sound early Tuesday morning. Of course, officials have the answer: thunder. Let me laugh, please! Then a mega giant thunder probably!

East Charlotte here. I usually sleep like a log through even the most intense stormy weather, but THIS mamma-jamma last night… HOLY COW! Out of nowhere, KABOOM. I have never been woken up so abruptly by weather in my life! Scared the heck outta me!

Again, officials have no clues and say mysterious booms in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin were caused by frost quakes.

On January 29, 2018, the Hamden Police Department in Connecticut was investigating reports of a loud “boom”. The source of the rattling sound remains unknown until now.

Sometime after 6 p.m. January 28, 2018, dozens of mid-Michigan residents took to social media to ask the question: Did anyone else hear that? A loud blast heard or felt from south of Shepherd to north of Clare and from Rosebush to Coleman was most likely caused by an exploding firearms target. Lol! It’s always tannerite, no?

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  1. Sunday, August 6th at 12:18 a.m., in Charlotte, NC. I was standing outside and saw this insane flash of light – I immediately thought a storm must be coming, that it was probably lightening, but there was no wind…As soon as that thought crossed my mind, this huge explosion and second smaller flash of light, that seemed to fall to the ground occurred. It seemed so far away, but the shockwave reverberated into the deck, house, the windows rattled. I could feel it in my body and my cat even ran inside and wouldn’t come back out. I turned on the police scanner & fire safety/ems scanner because I was certain something terrible had happened….nothing.??

  2. I heard several booms today. Shaking the house dogs barking. I’ve walked around and can’t find anything to explain. Melba idaho. I can’t find anywhere that others reported this. Sounds like sonic booms or a vehicle hitting my home.

  3. Convergent or divergent ( Mystery Booms) volcanism or stress on the land?ocean spreading of the ocean floor and Wisconsin is in the Mid Continental Rift zone and we were at one time under water ! Michigan and porcupine mountain and cooper mountain/Kewanee was responsible for the movement and the Canadian shield and crash area? Might explain unexplained cracks opening or widening streams?!?Don’t know! But nothing to worry about!

  4. Hi, I live in MA. We started with rain then some snow started to fall. Well I was watching tv late and I first heard like a million marbles fell on my roof. A little later my house shook, I heard booms and thunder that I have never heard before. My whole house shook. I have lots of weird things happen, but this was like no other thunder roar. I am still wondering what the sound of millions of marbles were that hit the roof. That happened for but few minutes, but it was WEIRD. I know and have seen weird, but this was eery. Joan Rockland, MA

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