Mysterious booms continue rattling hundreds of people in the US, Canada and the UK, leaving officials speechless


The mystery booms continue baffling people across the world.

Here some of the lastest reports from the UK, Canada and the USA.

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The mystery booms continue rattling the USA, Canada and UK in June 2019, but nobody knows why.

1. Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, USA

People living in the New Tripoli area of Lehigh County want to know what caused an explosion Tuesday morning.

They say they heard or felt a blast, but authorities say they can’t determine a cause.

You can hear the booming noise in the video below (after about 30s):

There was just a really loud boom. My house shook, my windows shook, Tapper said. – wfmz

2. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Was it a skyquake? An unexplained boom heard across Hamilton remains a mystery. Was it a supersonic jet? An industrial accident? A skyquake? Nobody seems to know what caused the boom around 2 a.m. on Saturday – heard from the beach strip all the way to Ancaster.

I heard the boom — it was quite loud — but I also felt it. I felt my house move,” said the real estate agent, who lives in the Crown Point neighbourhood near the escarpment.

But so far, the source of the thunderous bang remains a mystery. – The Spec

3. Clemmons, North Carolina, USA

Numerous people reported on social media that they heard a loud ground-shaking boom around 9 p.m. Monday night in Clemmons and western Forsyth County. 

However, state and federal officials say they don’t know why it happened or what it was.

There were no reports of earthquakes anywhere Monday night in North Carolina

The boom could have been distant thunder coming from storms that moved through Davie, Yadkin, Stokes and Davidson counties at the time. – Facebook, Journal Now

4. Derby city, UK

The bang was powerful enough to trigger car alarms and left houses and office blocks shaking, and instantly sparked a debate online over its cause. 

Derbyshire Police have revealed that the loud explosion heard in Derby city and the surrounding countryside area on Thursday morning was a sonic boom caused by a Royal Air Force (RAF) jet.

According to the authorities, the RAF Typhoon jet triggered the “loud bang” while moving at high speed to intercept an Air India flight from Mumbai to Newark after receiving a “security alert.” Sputnik

What are they trying to cover-up?

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  1. Did not know where to post this. I was sleeping but heard a very loud boom and it shook the whole entire house. I wanted to think it was a firework but it was nothing like anything I heard before. I almost thought I was in the distance if an explosion or something and was too afraid to look out the window. But then my mother’s boyfriend came home and said he didn’t hear/feel anything when he was just then driving down the street. I’m in Maryland, Prince George’s County, and I hope I’m not just going insane.

  2. The fact is we are in the Endtimes, this world as we now it is coming to an end, all kinds of strange things will continue to happen signaling the soon return of Jesus

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