Please Tell Me What the Heck Are These Weird Clouds over Florida?


An unexplained cloud formation filmed over Florida has baffled viewers, with many pointed to alien involvement.

Can somebody please tell me how this strange sky phenomenon is called and how it is created? Thank you!

strange sky phenomenon florida, mysterious cloud florida, jellyfish cloud florida sky
What are thos strange jellyfish clouds in the sky over Florida? via Youtube video

The bizarre video and pictures appears to show clouds organised in a stairway or ladder shape, with rungs going up into the sky.

The strange cloud formation that has left many bewildered skywatchers scratching their heads.

This mysterious sky event comes after a beautiful and terrifying pink cloud appeared over Trinidad and a giant glowing bird appeared over Brazil on Halloween.

As described in the video, the strange sky phenomenon was filmed last week on October 28, 2019 over Florida by ‘Grey Garcia’. It was then posted by Mavi777 on Youtube.

I have tried to find some more information about the video and the event on Facebook, Instagram, VK, and Twitter without success. Maybe you are more lucky? If yes please send me a message below.

strange sky phenomenon florida, mysterious cloud florida, jellyfish cloud florida sky
Have you ever witnessed such a cloud formation? via Youtube video

The video shows several evenly spaced stick-like clouds stretching in a long line across the sky.

Dubbed a ‘stairway to heaven’ by some, the origin and nature of the weird formation is unknown.

strange sky phenomenon florida, mysterious cloud florida, jellyfish cloud florida sky
There is really something going crazy in our skies. via Youtube video

While it may simply be a natural meteorological phenomenon, it could also be trails left by a plane, military or even Project Blue Beam.

Maybe I am not looking at it properly but I cannot figure out what is going there. Orbs and UAP’s are appearing all over the world right now so I ask, what is really happening? [Youtube]

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  1. This looks like the remnants of a contrail, to me. But I’m not a meteorologist. It looks natural and un-alarming to me, whatever it is. People always get so startled by clouds, but their potential appearances and shapes, even color, are almost limitless and unique each time. (Though there are patterns that can be guidelines as to what’s happening.) Remember, the world is full of people who have studied these things in depth and who’s job it is to watch the sky. This isn’t the Dark Ages. We understand Earth’s atmosphere so much better than we used to. By we I mean “humans”…really mostly the experts. I still see so many “the sky is falling” reactions from laypeople who understand very little about the atmosphere. We need to trust the experts. Yes, there are shady scientists, but most are decent people and the scientific process is built to self correct. Unless the experts give warnings or start panicking, just enjoy the beauty. 🙂

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