Cricket Balls of Ice Destroy Parts of Gympie, Queensland (Video)


This is absolutely terrifying.

This is beyond just large hail it’s like bombs hitting their house.

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Record hail destroys Gympie, Australia on December 13 2019. Picture: Independent/@EmilyC_OBrien/Twitter

This video shows the terrifying moment a very dangerous supercell moved over Wolvi, East of Gympie on December 13, producing record-challenging hail of up to 5,9 inches (15cm) that caused huge damage and destruction!

The two Queenslanders try hiding anywhere they can as their roof is perforated and windows smashed by the huge ice balls.

Record Hail Pounds Gympie, Australia

The Bureau of Meteorology wrote:

Some really significant, in fact possibly historic giant hail stones around parts of the Sunshine Coast and the Wide Bay, Burnett. Some hail of 11-13 centimetres in diameter was recorded there and that’s some of the biggest hail that’s ever been seen in Australia.

For example, this monstrous 51. inches (13 cm) hailstone was observed at Wilsons Pocket, East North East of Gympie today under the dangerous supercell.

But some even bigger stones were reported in the area and created craters in the ground. Can you imagine that?

While there are many cases of 10cm+ stones occurring, there is very limited data around 12, 13, 14cm hailstones occurring – not just in QLD, but across Australia. Probably a new record here!

Widespread Destruction After Hailstorm Near Gympie

Immense destruction, with sheds, cars, roofs, solar panels, windows completely devastated and more than 8,600 homes and businesses without power has been reported.

Just look at the video again, the house is destroyed. Water is coming through the house, massive holes all over the roof. That must have been bloody scary!

There are unconfirmed reports of stock loss as well.

The wild hailstorm started on the Gold Coast and tracked north via Brisbane and follows a furious storm on Wednesday in Brisbane, which dropped more rain in one night than in the previous seven months. Read more on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle [The Australian, ABC, Higgins Storm Chasing]

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