It Is Like Driving in the Winter! People Are Sliding Off the Roads as Freak Hailstorm Creates Rivers of Hail in Colorado


A summer hailstorm rolled through Colorado Friday, June 26th.

The freak weather anomaly caused cars to slide off the road, flooded streets and created a “river of hail.”

A summer hailstorm rolled through Colorado Friday (June 26) causing cars to slide off the road, flooding streets and creating a "river of hail."
A summer hailstorm rolled through Colorado Friday (June 26) causing cars to slide off the road, flooding streets and creating a “river of hail.”

With June coming to a close, its prime time for severe weather from Colorado to Wyoming. Yesterday, June 26, a destructive hail storm struck highly populated Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, and Falcon Colorado.

The insane storm dropped so much hail it was a foot deep in places, causing flash flooding and cars to slip and slide and be stranded at several intersections and or along highways.

This hail storm also shredded trees and damaged several homes siding.

Look at the river of hail caught right outside Gilliland’s front door in Castle Rock.

The intense storm set off national weather alerts, caused damage and sent cars sliding off the road.

What a severe hail storm in Colorado… And with the Grand Solar Minimum underway, such insane storms may increase in numbers. Just be ready!

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  1. Colorado is right in hail alley I live in Arvada Co and its not that unusual especially when it gets as hot as it is.

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