Mystery Fireworks Are Being Reported Late at Night in Cities Across the U.S. and Nobody Seems to Know Why


Usually it’s just the week before july 4th… But yeah there’s lots of them weeks earlier than normal…

Parties, weddings? Or are these fireworks a new way of communicating rage and frustration? A small rebellion?

Mystery fireworks are being reported late at night in cities all over the country. Nobody seems to know why.
Who will solve the great fireworks mystery, and will we ever sleep again?

Here some recent examples…

NYC sees mysterious uptick in illegal fireworks

First, it was the constant wail of ambulance sirens carrying victims to the hospital. Then, New Yorkers learned to live with the sounds of police helicopters hovering over street demonstrations.

Now, people in the city that never sleeps have a new audio accompaniment to their surreal spring: Booming, amateur fireworks displays that start at sundown and continue deep into the night.NBC New York

Fireworks causing anxiety and fear for many around Metro Denver area

For the past two weeks, fireworks are being set off around Denver and surrounding areas. The displays are randomly scattered and occur at night, some after midnight and into early morning hours.

According to Colorado law with a few exceptions, “no person shall possess or discharge any fireworks, other than permissible fireworks, anywhere in Colorado.

Permissible fireworks are not ones that sound like a bomb blast or gunshot. Fireworks that explode or leave the ground, including firecrackers, rockets, Roman candles, cherry bombs and other similar fireworks are prohibited.

And this is actually what they are… – KDVR

Fireworks set off Lehigh Valley residents, Pennsylvania

The “indiscriminate use” of fireworks has worsened this year, residents and officials believe.

Allentown Police Chief Glenn Granitz Jr. said the department has experienced an uptick in fireworks-related calls.

He attributes it, at least partially, to cabin fever and the limited options for entertainment amid a pandemic-hampered graduation season. – MCall

Many fed up with constant late night fireworks in Baltimore

Fireworks in the summer months is nothing new for Baltimore City. But residents say they’ve seen an uptick this year, and it’s happening late at night and early into the morning.

Several people even reported it’s worse than ever! The neighborhood pages are stacked with hundreds of comments and complaints about upset children and stressed out pets.

Fireworks are illegal in Baltimore City. A lot of people are driving up to Pennsylvania or Virginia for their fireworks. – WMAR2News

Columbus residents complain about late night eruptions of fireworks

We are still two weeks out from July 4. But the pops and percussion of fireworks are ringing through neighborhoods all over the city on a nightly basis.

A resident of Westgate reports:

I can practically feel the percussion of the explosion happening. My first instinct was ‘oh my gosh, is somebody shooting at my house?’ It happens every night, and it’s been happening. And there are times when you’re playing a game with yourself- is that fireworks or gunshots? Which was it? It is very unsettling.” – 10TV

Late-night fireworks noise complaints across Charlottesville

It’s not even July 4th, but people around Charlottesville are already lodging fireworks complaints.

Even the smallest fireworks aren’t allowed in city limits, unless you have a specific permit.

There’s no fireworks in the city of Charlottesville. That means no sparklers, no smoke bombs, no fountains, anything of that nature.” – NBC 29

Residents of Rochester complain of late night fireworks

Besides being a public nuisance and tying up emergency lines fireworks are dangerous too. People can hurt themselves, and those who start fires with fireworks could be charged with arson. Homes can be set ablaze by inadvertent fireworks.

And please be courteous to your neighbors. Find a field or a park. Something away from kids, from houses and cars. Something more safe. – Spectrum Local News

Fireworks going off every night in Guilford County, North Carolina

Many people in Greensboro and High Point have heard fireworks every night for the past two weeks, and police say they can easily be mistaken for gunshots.

At first we did think it was guns going off because we were like ‘Wait, what’s that noise?’ But some of them you can clearly hear the firework go ‘boom’ and the crackle at the end.

North Carolina has some of the toughest restrictions on fireworks in the country. The kind that flies in the air or explodes, are illegal for personal use. But that doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone from setting them off around Greensboro and High Point once the sun goes down.

No matter the reason behind it, it needs to stop because it’s scaring kids and animals. – WFMY News 2

So what about you guys? And WTF is going on?

It’s a mystery — and yet, midway through a year that has been marked by a deadly pandemic, massive protests and widespread anxiety about the future of American democracy, it seems like a fairly natural development.

Are these fireworks a new way of communicating rage and frustration? A small rebellion? The more you hear the more you should worry. Fireworks are the sound of the fuse. More mysterious news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. If you are looking for supplements to increase your healthy lifestyle and sexlife please visit Natural Health Source.

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  1. People are being conditioned to ignore sounds of gunshots in the night. When no one peers out of their homes anymore following one of these fireworks explosions, then expect the killings to commence. People, don’t let down your guard, keep your powder dry and learn to grow your own food. The NWO is determined to eliminate those who are resisting, and they’ve already shown they’ll use starvation, water deprivation, electricity outages and firearms to force their utopian ideal society upon us all.

  2. Yes and in Utah too, couple weeks ago. Would have seemed random but they were in two towns you could see across Utah valley, Utah county. And most of them were red, really odd. Couldn’t find anyone saying anything about why. We were guessing maybe BLM “protestors” but nothing in the news even, it was really weird.

  3. Add Farmington NM also at 1:30 or 2 in the morning… it never happens it was incredibly loud, twice. Sheriff was dispatched immediately, I was on the radio just as quick, it was said that it was a small group of people up late, it was not something for public use. Words used indicated that it was a very large mortar.

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