Mystery ground shaking and loud boom in Escambia County, Florida

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Mysterious boom in North Escambia, Florida baffles scientists.

A loud boom followed by rumblings and were heard and felt across part of Escambia County on Dec. 4th afternoon. But it source remains a mystery.

The big boom and rattles started around 12:15 p.m. with the majority of the reports coming from the Cantonment and Beulah areas.

No earthquakes, no storms, no lightnings, no blackouts. That’s really weird, no?

Here a few comments from baffled residents:

My husband and I were sitting in the living room and heard a loud rumbling coming closer and closer. Then a loud boom and the house shook and my recliner was shaking! Then the rumbling sounded gradually, further and further away. What was it?

They been sucking oil out of the ground in Jay for many many years. That empty hole down there just gets bigger and bigger. Maybe its starting to crack.

Felt it out here in Walnut Hill area. I was online having a meeting and told my buddy “I think we’re about to have an earthquake out here again, I’m feeling tremors.” It did it twice actually around 12:15ish then approx 15 minutes later. I made the comment to my buddy after I felt the second one. Nothing after that.

I’m in Kingsfield Courtyard. Shook my house hard enough to damage the toilet in the guest bathroom. Luckily I woke up and found it before too much damage could be done.

Still waiting for the reason for the one on October 3 2020 that happened seen the article on it hundreds reported it from all over I have never seen an update on it also seems like this happened last year on 12/3/2019 as well think I have a screenshot on that article and if there would be a way to look back on how many times I’ve googled booms heard in molino over the last several years would probly be in the thousands would like to know what is going on

I heard two loud booms in Warrington. Not like sonic booms, but not quite like thunder either. We had several big trucks in our neighborhood making the last pass for hurricane debris at the same time, so I guessed it could be related to them (though I’ve not heard that kind of sound from these trucks & their equipment before). If we had any shaking, though, it was mild enough for me to associate with the slow moving trucks.

Heard a long rumble, and furniture shaking near the end of Pine Forest.

My husband went running outside to see what was happening. We’ve lived in California and have felt earthquakes before, this seemed like one. I’m pretty sure it would have registered as a geologic event.

So what were these mysterious booms and rumblings in Florida? More on North Escambia, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. I live in east central Florida. I hear “booms” here all the time…probably three a day or so. They are very loud and kind of sound like something very large being dropped from a great height onto the ground or something metal. There is no construction going on that would cause that noise. The weather is typically clear and sunny, so no storms. We don’t get EQs here, either.
    For my location, it could be the nearby AFBs (we have two) doing something, perhaps or NASA. This might also be true for Escambia County, being they have three AFBs close by.

    • It happened again last night around 8:30 EST. It is very startling and loud. My cat growled at it and he was alert the rest of the night. No idea what it could be…

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  3. It is hard to say what these booms are. We had some out here that sounded like cannon.
    Sometimes in avalanche prone areas they fire mortars during off peak hours to have a controlled avalanche. Not saying that is what happened here. It’s an example of things that go boooom.
    It does seem like more than normal all around the world. There are even videos of biblical horns blowing loudly.

    • Saturn is a strange planet as far as occult significance. I went down a rabbit hole on this one night.

      There seems to be a hexagram forming on top of the planet.

      Also, another article I read described Saturn as a Satanic planetary influence.

      Another article drew a comparison between Saturn and the titan Cronus, the baby-eater.

      I think Jupiter was the one that mated with animals. So, there are reasons these planets are aligning that are shrouded in mystery.

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