Mysterious praying silhouette appears in the sunset sky over Indonesia (video)


Sometimes, there are signs in the sky! Look at this strange ‘praying’ silhouette that appeared in the sky over Semarang at sunset on March 22, 2021.

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Mysterious praying silhouette appears in the sky over Indonesia… Project Blue Beam? Picture via Youtube video

The cloud took the shape of a person praying.

Really spectacular, isn’t it?

Is this a natural phenomenon? Similar sky phenomena were also reported in the sky over China at least twice 1, 2

Could this be an hologram of Project Blue Beam? This theory claims that a new age religion with the antichrist at its head will be implemented in four different steps, to alienate people, break human conscience, produce alien and artificial divine appearances… to place a new tyrannical world order.

We are currently heading this way… So this mysterious appearance may be a message from Heaven asking us to continue to pray since we are entering the Endtimes…

Be prepared because if it continues like this we are facing rapid and cruel extinction…

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  1. The only colors of clouds use to be from black to white, and all the grey’s (no pun intended there) in between. With the exception of sunsets and sunrise, there were no reds and purples.. or giant firey oranges cloud banks spanning the horizons. I’ve seen just about every color imaginable, in clouds! How can there still be those who think that nothing unnatural is happening in the sky?? It always seems to be that way with skeptics though, right? An entire fleet of UFOs could land on the White House lawn, ETs could emerge, use their technological wizardry to get them through secret service to The Oval Office, create between themselves, legislation and treaties, it could be announced to the world by the American government, and I am absolutely positive, that there would be a huge faction of society that would call it a hoax. THAT’S how traumatized and premised we’ve become from years and years of systematic abuse and conditioning. Although, we as a society, can take comfort in the fact that there are far more who are willing to be believe in the possibility, than there were 20 years ago…and that number fries more and more every day.

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