Vicious hailstorm damages cars, buildings – 250,000 people in the dark – hurricane-force winds in northeastern Mexico (videos)


In the night from Sunday to monday, severe thunderstorms hit the northeastern parts of Mexico, bringing furious winds and vicious hail that damaged everything on their path…

Some very large hail stones dropped from the sky onto cars and homes, destroying windshields and perforating roofs…

Apocalyptic size, isn’t it?

Here some more:

The lightning storms were accompanied by strong winds of up to 150kmh (93mph), which toppled 141 electicity poles, plundging more than 200,000 people in the dark. Meanwhile, only 20% have recovered power. In addition, the city of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas has no water drinking water service, bad internet and mobile connection.

Giant hail of more than 10 centimeters in diameter hit municipalities of the Cinco Manantiales region, damaging cars and homes. Several injured people were brought to the hospital.

This is probably the same strom that dropped giant hail on Texas and flooded Louisiana on Monday, too… [Meteored, Jornada, Televisa]

Just keep in mind it is tornado and hail season in Texas and Louisiana right now… But this is one of the worst in history… for Texas, at least, I would say

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    • Seal the Lord in your head. Never bend a knee to the traditions of men. Stick to your guns. Then the Lord will protect you and his elect.

  2. Well, way, way back that comet crashed into the Yucatan, right?

    I think apocalyptic sized hail probably is larger, like comet sized ice particles with gravel?

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