Terrifying moment lightning strikes passenger plane in Singapore

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This is the terrifying moment a passenger catches on his GoPro camera a lightning striking the plane he is sitting in! Watch how scary it is when the wing of...

2 million bats live under the Congress Bridge in Austin, Texas

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The largest urban bat colony lives under the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, Texas. The colony is made up of an estimated 2.0 million Mexican free-tailed bats! Now look at the 2...

291 wildfires in Alaska right now! Results of temperature anomaly of May 2015?

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There are about 300 wildfires raging in Alaska right now! Are they related to the record heat anomaly of may 2015? Yes of course! The heat wave that engulfed Alaska in...

Being inside a tornado in just terrifying! Portland tornado video

This is how it looks like when a tornado strikes. Yes, being inside a tornado is terrifying! This Portland tornado video was captured by Kathy Parsons and then shared on Portland Police Department...

In 5 days Shell will start drilling for gas and oil in the Arctic… You remember Deepwater Horizon?

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There is no much time before Shell will start drilling in the home of polar bears for oil and gas. Act now before the region is subjected to potentially irreversible...

That is what happens when you listen to Adele! OMG!

This is what happens when you listen to Adele while driving on Mount Dandenong, Melbourne, Australia during high winds! Crazy nature! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

A crow can clean its garbages! Can we?

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A crow can do it! Can we?   Bravo crow! We should follow the example! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Lake Texoma is being drained like a giant bathtub

Here's a very unique view of an intake vortex - giant whirlpool - created as water enters the Denison Dam spillway on Lake Texoma. The rare vortex is about eight...

Biblical locust plague blots out the sun in Russia

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This is not a swarm of birds! No this is an apocalyptic invasion of locusts in the Astrakhan region, Southern Russia. Have you ever experienced such a crazy locust plague? Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Apocalyptic thunderstorm with softball-sized hail and tornadoes in Rapid City, South Dakota

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Look at these amazing pictures and videos from a large supercell thunderstorm outbreak that ravaged Rapid City, South Dakota on June 19, 2015. The hailstones were very large, measuring near...

Animal mass die-offs news June 15 to 21 2015: Dolphins, whales, Jellyfish, red crabs – A whole ecosystem is collapsing!

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Here the last animal mass die-offs reported in the news! To the menu: dolphin kills, mysterious whale deaths, strong El Nino killing fish and crabs... The aquatic ecosystem is collapsing! June...

The amount of 4.5 magnitude earthquakes on June 21 2015 is quite impressive!

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The amount of 4.5 Magnitude earthquakes that occurred today is quite impressive! Just look at the list below! GEOFON Lake Baykal Region, Russia Jun 21 14:31 4.6 10 MAP I Felt It EMSC Lake Baykal Region, Russia Jun 21...

Flooded creek swallows road away in Springtown during heavy Texas flooding

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A flooded creek swallowed the roadway completely away on Saddle Ridge Ct in the Salt Creek area west of Springtown, Texas on June 17, 2015. Windy Thomas was cut off from...

Incredibly active start to hurricane season 2015

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The eastern Pacific hurricane season 2015 runs from 15 May through 30 November, with the peak of the season being July-September. Since late May, three hurricanes have formed in the...

Giant pyroclastic flow eruption at Mount Sinabung volcano in Indonesia – June 19 2015

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Look at these large pyroclastic flow sweeping down side of Sinabung volcano in Indonesia on 19th June 2015. It's just terrific! Large pyroclastic flows have been observed once again at Mount Sinabung,...

Gas eruption in small pond at the Indian Hills Golf in Lambton Shores, Canada

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Canada is full of natural gas. But when it suddenly erupts in the pond of a Golf course, then there's a problem! Residents of Lambton Shores starts smelling a strange odour, just before...

The sixth mass extinction is here and already under way!

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Researcher declares that the sixth mass extinction is here! The average rate of vertebrate species loss over the last century has been calculated to be 114 times higher than the...

Another lake has just disappeared in Georgia after heavy rain

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Lake Feldwood in Georgia is now a huge field of mud! This after heavy rain broke a dam and the entire water just flowed away. The lake in College Park, Georgia,...

The volcanic activity and eruptions escalating around the world are kind of scary!

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Volcanic activity around the world continues to escalate on June 2015! Knowing that volcanic eruptions are reknown for mass extinction events in the past, this recent and dramatic increase in...

Mayfly apocalypse on the roads in Pennsylvania

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Literally, a 'blizzard' of mayflies swarmed the Veterans Memorial Bridge in Pennsylvania forcing its temporary closure. Millions of mayflies attracted by the lights on the Route 462 bridge, died and fell to...