Don’t worry too much if you hear explosion-like loud noises in San Diego County this week!

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is indeed training at the Whiskey/Zulu Impact areas with mortar fire and highly explosive munitions until end of next week.

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Depending on the weather condition, the explosion noises will be heard over several miles – up to 50 – around. You may also feel rumbles as if an earthquake was striking!,%202015.pdf

Keep calm and hopefully you will be able to sleep (extended firing during the nights of next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).

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  1. Boom at 8am Woodland, CA 95695 shook east end of our home, second time now in couple of weeks. Sounds eerie. Startled us. Whats goin on? Both booms shook same area of home
    Sounded like it came from the west


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