Tuesday, May 24, 2016

And suddenly a cross appeared in the sky of Castana, Iowa

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This is just another awesome sign of nature. Thanks to Stephen Melby for sending in this awesome cross in the sky that appeared over his house in Castana, Iowa. Thank you...

Mysterious dark line appears in the sky of Mexico City

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What is this mysterious black line that appeared in the sky of Mexico City on March 30, 2016? Chemtrails? Contrails? Black beams? Shadows? People who think persistent contrails indicate some kind...

Is this Jesus Christ? Iconic fountain in Fountain Hills, Arizona takes human shape on Easter Sunday

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A photo taken on Easter Sunday of the fountain in Fountain Hills, Arizona is going viral. Many say the water took the shape of Jesus Christ, or even an angel....

Real unicorns roamed this Earth 29,000 years ago

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Real unicorns aren't just mythical. The bad news: This ancient "Siberian Unicorn" looked nothing like the mythical creatures portrayed in so many fairy tales, but fatter and furrier, and in reality...

Mysterious chunks of ice fall from sky onto Colton house – Megacryometeor?

colton megacryometeor
She thought a tree fell on her house in Colton, California. But when she went outside, she found about 10 large chunks of ice that apparently fell from the clear blue...

Strong winds disrupt the spire of the Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral in Alapaevsk

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Strong winds disrupted the spire of Holy Trinity Cathedral, Alapaevsk, Sverdlovsk region, Russia on March 20, 2016. In spite of all the damage, the service was held in the church on...

A 1,000 years secret cave revealed to public in China

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China’s history is long, rich and known for its abundance of art and culture. Every year there are more amazing archaeological discoveries made about this ancient and mystic land. The...

Parallel universes exist and interact with our world

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According to a scientists, parallel universes exist and interact with our world. This new theory explains many of the bizarre observations made in quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics, though firmly tested, is...

Extinct Atlas bear reappears in Algeria

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This is a historic and incredible moment: An Atlas bear has been sighted and filmed alive in the forest of Tissemsilt, Algeria. The Atlas bear was Africa's only native bear that...

Hundreds of crows fall dead from the sky in Springfield, Michigan

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Mystery as several hundred crows are discovered dead along a section of railroad tracks in Springfield, Michigan on March 15, 2016. Residents counted around 300 dead birds stretching over at...

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