Friday, December 9, 2016

Katherine Stone auctions her virginity to help her family

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Katherine Stone, a 20-year-old woman, is auctioning off her virginity to help her family after her home was destroyed by a fire. Her family having financial issues, she began looking...

Secret Nazi military base discovered in the Arctic

A secret Nazi military base in the Arctic has been discovered by Russian scientists. The site is located on the island of Alexandra Land 1,000km from the North Pole and...

Chemical spill at MGP in Atchison, Kansas – 50 people hospitalized

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Accidental mixing of sodium hypochlorite and sulfuric acid formed a toxic cloud that covered the city in Atchison, Kansas on October 21, 2016. The cloud spread in the surrounding. Medical...

Mysterious dragon flies across mountain range in China

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Look at this mysterious dragon flying across a mountain range in China. Is it real or fake? YouTuber ApexTV uploaded a video that apparently shows a mystical flying dragon over an...

Mysterious meteor-like objects fall from the sky in Kerala, India

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Several mysterious meteor-like objects have fell from the sky and landed near the city of Peerumade in the Indian state of Kerala on October 18, 2016, creating moments of...

River turns blood red overnight alarming residents in Guatemala

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The Samalá river in Quetzaltenango turned blood red overnight on October 14, 2016, alarming residents of nearby communities. The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) has launched an investigation to determine...

Two anomalies confirmed inside the Great Pyramid of Cheops

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Two anomalies have been confirmed inside the Great Pyramid of Cheops. One is at the top of the gateway to the pyramidal mausoleum, built 4,500 years ago, and the second...

UFO destroying chemtrail? What the heck is that?

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This strange video of a 'UFO' destroying a chemtrail was captured on Sept 28th near Paris. Yes, what is this weird bright light that dissipates the huge chemtrail? Here is the...

What’s up with Earth? Mysterious anomaly interrupts stratospheric wind pattern

What would cause a wind pattern that held for at least 60 years to suddenly change? Scientists are baffled and try to solve and understand this new atmospheric enigma. For the...

Massive sinkhole contaminates Florida aquifer with radioactive water since weeks

Massive sinkhole drains contaminated water into Florida aquifer, Sinkhole sends millions of gallons of radioactive water into Florida aquifer, Florida sinkhole at Mosaic Co fertilizer site leaks radioactive water, Sinkhole causes radioactive water to flow into Central Florida aquifer, Radioactive water pouring into massive sinkhole in Florida, Massive Sinkhole Contaminates Florida Aquifer Videovideo
A massive sinkhole on top of a Mosaic gypsum stack near Mulberry allowed millions of gallons of contaminated water to flow into the Florida Aquifer. A cascading waterfall falls into...

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