Friday, October 28, 2016

Mysterious space signals created by extragalactic neutron star

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Observations of repeated fast radio bursts show that the signals do not originate in a single cataclysmic event. But instead may come from a young, highly magnetized, extragalactic neutron star. More...

Mysterious space signal traced to distant galaxy for the first time

Mysterious radio burst pinpointed in distant galaxy, Mysterious radio burst from distant galaxy, source of mysterious radio burst discovered, scientist discover for first time source of mysterious space signals, Mysterious Radio Flash Traced To Distant Galaxy, For the first time astronomers have traced an enigmatic blast of radio waves to its source.
Since 2007, astronomers have detected curious bright blasts of radio waves from the cosmos, without knowing where they were coming from. But now, for the first time ever, astronomers have...

Apollo astronauts heard mysterious noise on the far side of the Moon

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It has now been revealed... The crew of an Apollo mission to the moon were so startled when they encountered strange music-like radio transmissions coming through their headsets, they didn't...

The first crazy alien sound of Mars

sound of mars, mars sound, first sound of mars record, sound of mass video, first recording of sound of mars, first sounds of mars recorded, The first alien sounds of Mars are so freaky, This video tracks the entire trip of the Mars Opportunity Rover on the red planet including a creepy sound!video
Have you ever wondered what Planet Mars sounds like? This new video by NASA features the entire trip of the Mars Opportunity Rover including real sound from the Red Planet....

The very low frequency radio crackles from individual Sprites

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Listen to the very low frequency radio crackles from individual Sprites! They were recorded on May 23, 2015, when strong thunderstorms raked Texas and Oklahoma, producing torrential rains and deadly...

X2-flare creates radio blackout and radio burst over Pacific Ocean

X2-class solar flare, X2-class solar flare may 5 2015, x flare may 5 2015, solar storm, solar flare may 2015video
After a period of unexpected calm, the sun is active again! A sunspot unleashed an intense X2-class solar flare on May, 5 2015, shown in the following image by NASA's...

Unexplained alien sounds recorded at the edge of space 22 miles from Earth’s surface baffle scientists

alien sound, aliens sounds audio, new infrasounds at the edge of space, Eerie Sound Recording from the Edge of Space, strange new sound captured at edge of space baffle scientists, new alien sound at edge of space baffle scientists, new sounds of edge of space, unexplained sound of earth capture by NASA balloon, NASA balloon captures unexplained sound at edge of space, new sound at edge of space captured by nasa balloon, Eerie sounds from the edge of space were recorded for the first time in 50 years aboard a NASA student balloon experiment. Here is the
These new eerie 'alien sounds' have been recorded 22 MILES above Earth by NASA. This new sound recording from the edge of space has unexplained hisses and whistles that puzzle...

Radio source SHGb02+14a unexplained space signal

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Radio source SHGb02+14a is another space enigma! It's a creepy signal from the unknown and has an overly complicated name that most people can barely say off the top of...

A plea from a desperate phantom cosmonaut – Russian lost cosmonauts

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There are those who believe that hurtling through the void of space are the remains of several preserved human astronauts, former collaborators of a secret Soviet space program from...

Auroral chorus recorded during massive geomagnetic storm on March 17 2015 as far south as Texas!

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Earth is a natural radio. Plasma waves coursing through the magnetosphere produce a symphony of "tweeks," "whistlers" and "sferics." On March 17th, the auroral chorus symphony reached fever pitch and...

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