Thursday, June 30, 2016

Unexplained alien sounds recorded at the edge of space 22 miles from Earth’s surface baffle scientists

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These new eerie 'alien sounds' have been recorded 22 MILES above Earth by NASA. This new sound recording from the edge of space has unexplained hisses and whistles that puzzle...

Radio source SHGb02+14a unexplained space signal

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Radio source SHGb02+14a is another space enigma! It's a creepy signal from the unknown and has an overly complicated name that most people can barely say off the top of...

A plea from a desperate phantom cosmonaut – Russian lost cosmonauts

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There are those who believe that hurtling through the void of space are the remains of several preserved human astronauts, former collaborators of a secret Soviet space program from...

Auroral chorus recorded during massive geomagnetic storm on March 17 2015 as far south as Texas!

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Earth is a natural radio. Plasma waves coursing through the magnetosphere produce a symphony of "tweeks," "whistlers" and "sferics." On March 17th, the auroral chorus symphony reached fever pitch and...

Weird Signals From Space That Could Arise From Aliens Trying To Contact Us

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We want aliens to exist. The problem is, most of the places that they could exist are so far away that it would likely take thousands of years to contact...

The Pulsar Sound Is Really Out Of This World

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This weird sound is not created by little green men or by any techno DJs. No, this strange noise is produced by a rotating neutron star lost in a supernova...

Ambient Noise Of The International Space Station (ISS)

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We always get stunning images taken from the International Space Station! Well listen now to the ambient noise in the ISS. I think I could not stand more than a few hours...

Cosmic Tsunami Waves Hit Voyager 1 – Listen To Their Weird Noises!

The Voyager 1 spacecraft has experienced three  cosmic tsunami waves in interstellar space. This kind of wave occurs as a result of a coronal mass ejection erupting from the sun. Listen...

Weird Noises From Solar System and Beyond

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A Soundcloud compilation of weird noises from our solar system and beyond. There are really strange sounds in outer space! Discover other space sounds! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Spooky Sounds Of Space: Saturn, Miranda, Neptune, Planet Earth, Jupiter, Io, and Uranus

Listen to the spooky sounds of space! Listen to the strange sounds of: Saturn's ring, Miranda, Neptune, the earth voice, saturn, Jupiter, Io, and Uranus! Although space is a virtual vacuum,...

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