Rumblings and Loud Booms During An Earthquake Illinois, USA, November 20 2012


November 20 2012 – Rumblings and Loud Booms During An Earthquake Illinois, USA

Earthquake are on the rise all over the world. A loud boom was reported again during this 3.6 erathquake in Illinois. My question is, what in the world are these loud booms being reported? Is it just another earthquake, HAARP, or some secret flying technology made by the governments creating a sonic boom heard and felt across the region? This phenomenon has been happening way to much the past few months to be ignored. Leave your thoughts on this topic. Thanks for watching here and be safe during all this extreme weather.

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  1. The Earth is being struck by orbital dark matter (micro black holes). They trigger sinkholes and seismic activity where they enter. They trigger low pressure systems and sonic booms in the atmosphere. No Joke.

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