Massive Explosion at Bio-Diesel Plant in New Albany, Mississippi – January 22 2014


A mysterious explosion at a Bio-Diesel plant caused power outages in New Albany, Mississippi Wednesday, January 22 2014.

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Massive explosion of a diesel plant near New Albany in Mississippi on January 22 2014. Photo:

The explosion occured at around 6 a.m. and a second explosion happened later on in the afternoon. Heavy flames and black smoke could be seen from several miles away. About 500 residents have no power after the explosion and power crews are unable to fix the problem because of the intense flames and smoke from the explosion at the substation. They will let the fire burn out. It is expected to burn for several hours. So far there have been no injuries. There is no word as to what caused the explosion, as in this previous case.

A lack of inspection?

As reported by

North Mississippi Biodiesel agreed to pay a $1,500 penalty in 2011 for violations that included failing to perform a “stack emission test” within 180 days of initial startup; failing to perform weekly inspections; failing to submit semi-annual reports; and failure to follow all regulatory requirements related to standards of performance for equipment leaks, according to Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality documents.

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