What is this strange light in the sky over Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma?

Sometimes human failures may create amazing lights in the sky.


I will not keep the secret for too long… Origins of this weird arcing light in the sky over Tinker Air Force Base weren’t invading UFOs (or any other weird things). The incident was linked to a total equipment failure which blew out two transformers and resulted in an almost general power outage at Tinker.

Of course the images and videos are amazing and do not speak directly from themselves. Some people believed aliens were invading. But you are safe! The strange lights recorded on tape are the result of a transformer explosion during an electrical fire (title of the video) at Tinker Air Force Base.

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Tinker electrical transformer fire and explosion may 27, 2014. Photo: Youtube video

Here some other transformer explosions during a 5.3 Mag earthquake in Mexico city. Impressive!

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