Alberta! Shut Down The Tar Sands Your First Nations’ People Are Dying From Cancer And Other Environmental Diseases


The tar sands are killing humans and Mother Earth in the most violent way in Alberta, Canada!

Two northern Alberta First Nations have released this week a scientific health study regarding why so many of their peoples are dying of cancer.

Fracking in the US and tar sands in Canada are growing out of control and transforming our wonderful countries in toxic hells!

Downstream of massive oil sands smoke plumes and tailing ponds in the northern part of Alberta, the First Nations’ people are dying from cancer and other environmental diseases.

A new health study shows evidence that links the growth of the oil sands’ industry to many serious Aboriginal health concerns, including cancer and death.

It reveals that the wild food surrounding tar sands exploitations contains high concentrations of heavy metals and carcinogens, and that nearly a quarter of the Aboriginal participants – 23 out of 94 – had cancer, among other ailments:


Arsenic levels were high enough in muskrat and moose muscle; duck, moose, and muskrat livers; and moose and duck kidneys that they were of concern for young children.

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Alberta’s tar sands

Cadmium levels were again elevated in moose kidney and liver samples but also those of beaver and ducks, although muskrat samples were again low. Mercury levels were also high for duck muscle, kidneys, and livers as well as moose and muskrat kidneys, specially for children.

Total levels of PAHs and levels of carcinogenic and alkylated PAHs were very high relative to other studies on food conducted around the world.


This documentary follows the original research conducted during this health study:

But one of the most terrifying things is that is that both province and federal governments refuse to do anything about [the high rates of cancer], even though the pressure is escalating on the tar sands’ industry.

So Canadians! Take action and fight against this terrifying abomination.

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