Possible Sources Of Weather-Related Loud Booming Noises In Winter


Some loud booming noises may be related to weird and rare weather phenomena!

Here a compilation of some natural weather-related bangs…


This is one of the oddest phenomena… Thunder snow is created when a pocket of warm air at ground level rises and collides with the colder air above it. S exactly in the same way thunder and lightning are produced during the summer. But in the cooler winter, the country is pelted with snow. Awesome!


Weather bombs occur when there is a rapid fall in pressure in the central section of an area of low pressure. So explosive cyclogenesis happen most frequently over sea near major warm ocean currents, such as the western Pacific Ocean near the Kuroshio Current, or over the north Atlantic Ocean near the Gulf Stream. These are very rare banging weather phenomena that occur between 45 and 65 times a year. Creepy!


This winter phenomenon – also known as frost quakes and cryoseism is relative unknown in Europe but more common in places like Canada where temperatures are more susceptible to extreme lows. Features include a loud boom similar to the rumbling of an earthquake. The boom is caused when water in the ground expands in extreme cold.


Glaciers calve icebergs at their ends due to the forward motion of a glacier which makes the terminus unstable. The following video shows the largest ice calving ever filmed. It occurred at the Ilulissat Glacier in Western Greenland. And the noises are amazing!

5. Avalanche

You all know what a snow avalanche is. Listen to the humming noise of such an event recorded in Lakselvdalen, Northern Norway on April 30th 2008. Similar to booming sands, no?

Do you know other winter-related booming phenomena?

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