The Hidden City of Sweden


Discover the hidden city of Sweden…

Behind a very thick fog layer… It’s eerie!

hidden city, The hidden city, The hidden city of Sweden, best city pictures, Discover the hidden city of Sweden, The hidden city of Sweden is like out of this world, Discover the hidden city of Sweden... It's called Östersund, Sweden. And under a very thick layer of fog it is eerie like out of this world, amazing pictures, astrophotography, The hidden city is an amazing picture of a city in Sweden lost in the fog. The Hidden City  Taken by Göran Strand on January 26, 2015 @ Östersund, Sweden
Göran Strand

As described by astrophotographer Göran Strand:


[…] On January 26, 2015, a very thick fog was covering the city of Östersund, Sweden. In this photo you can see the fog lit up from beneath by the city lights. Its very interesting to see all the different colors from different type of light sources.

One of the most known landmarks of Östersund is Rådhuset (City hall) and you can see the tower/spire of that building sticking up through the fog in center of the photo.


This photo is just incredible…

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