Mysterious Booms In Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Hawaii And Hampshire, UK – What’s going on?


The booms are back beginning of February 2015. every day new reports of mystery booms and rumblings are submitted!

And most of them remain unexplained…  What’s going on?

First, a series of loud and still unexplained booms have been reported in Kansas City metro. There are no clear answers right now but officials are investigating. The same article states booming noises.

On the same day, a mystery boom rattled Louisiana from Alexandria up to Baton Rouge shaking homes, windows and the floor. No earthquakes have been recorded at the same time. The article state a meteor explosion as a possible source. Although fireballs may create sonic booms, such a rumbling – it was felt over 200 miles – would have triggered more interest (only 3 meteor sightings on AMS). Thanks to Mark Guillory for submitting the link.

Finally, Sharyn Antonini posted on the Strange Sounds Facebook page:

As already published in a previous article, US Navy is currently training, creating sometimes sonic booms along the coast of Big Island. Tonight residents around Schofield Barracks will be shaken by Marine Corps field artillery training exercises.

So there is really something happening around the world, but nobody seems to know why!

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  1. i heard 2 loud BOOMS on Sun.Feb 1st at around 4:30-5:00 pm, the second boom was VERY loud, sounded like an explosion of some kind, never have heard one that loud while I was inside the house. Was not a sonic boom.

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