Mystery Booms Around Lynchburg, Virginia: Even USGS Says There Is No Scientific Explanations For the Booms!


What was the origin of the loud mystery booms that rattled Lynchburg and area on February 12, 2015?

USGS says there is no scientific explanation for the booms! Well then what?


Rattle and drums in Virginia. Are you one of these many residents that reported loud booms that could be heard and felt “for miles” near Lynchburg?

The booms shook houses, feeling like an earthquake. And this across the entire county! Can you imagine?

And scientists are baffled! To calm people they explain it’s all coincidence!

[quote_box_center]The best explanation and most likely explanation is the same things that always made booms are still making booms – like construction, rock blasting, sonic booms, or even pranksters.[/quote_box_center]

Well scientists, I think your job should be to look for what’s causing these mysterious boomsAnd as you say, there is maybe no scientific explanation for the booms.

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