Mystery Booms In Tennessee: Frost Quakes Or New Madrid Waking Up?


Have you heard mystery booms in the Midstate this week?

Well you are sure not alone! Some say it’s a weather phenomenon called cryoseismic booms, ice quakes or frost quakes. Others say it may be something more global…

Middle Tennessee – from Spring Hill, Columbia to Brentwood – has had the perfect weather to create the conditions required for cryoseisms. It has snowed abundantly and during the day, all of the snow and ice in the area melt. The moisture soaks and freezes into the ground. And when it freezes, water expands. And when the ice expands it sometimes create a loud boom, which can rattle and shake your house!

Though frost quakes are fairly common in other parts of the country, people in Middle Tennessee ran for cover, while some ran outside to see what was going on. Yes, you know, Tennessee sits right over the dangerous New Madrid Fault system. And quakes also emit loud booms… If it starts waking up… Then it’s a big mess!

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Whether we are facing harmless ice quakes or these noises are the signs of a larger uncoming cataclysmic event be ready to hear other mystery booms in the near future.

Have you heard any loud booms this week? Comment here or on the Strange Sounds Facebook page.

Here loud boom reports from beginning of February 2015.

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  1. This frost quake jazz is a bunch of hooey! I grew in a freezing northern state and we never had these booms. Because Tenn. usually doesn’t get a big cold snap as bad as this they are trying to tell people it’s a cold-affect-thing.

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