What Is This Weird Glowing Cloud In The Sky Of San Diego?


Did anyone in San Diego see that?

Look at this weird glowing cloud illuminating the San Diego Sky!

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This strange phenomenon was observed at around 6:30 – 6:45. And acording to witnesses, it was awesome and changed later to look like two eyes in the middle of the circle.

Some believe it was created by HAARP using hot air to blast holes into rain clouds.

Could they be the result of chemtrailing too? Or rocket fuel? What do you think?

Although unexplained these holes in the dark sky are beautifully unique!

Watch a manufactured sky with HAARP in action!

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  1. It resembles a rocket launch, but It is odd compared to others I’ve seen. The launch trails pass through many layers of the atmosphere with winds moving in different directions, so they get all twisted up pretty quickly. Has anyone collected a sequence of images of checked to see if there was a launch?

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