The mysterious booms continue across the US, Canada and Ireland and nobody seems to know why!

The mysterious booms continue across the US, Canada and Ireland and nobody seems to know why!
The mysterious booms continue across the US, Canada and Ireland and nobody seems to know why!

Within the last 3 days, mysterious booms were reported in Canada, in the US and in UK.

But the origins of these rumbling noises remain unresolved… Do you have a clue?

Loud boom shakes Okanagan, Canada

A mysterious, loud ‘boom’ shook North Okanagan residents on Nov. 27th, around noon (12:10 p.m.).

The noise sounded like a loud explosion and so far, nobody seems to know what caused it.

Some reported feeling a tremor on Valeview. Others reported hearing the loud mystery boom from as far away as Lavington, Cherryville and Vernon.

According to earthquakes Canada there was no earthquake in the Lumby area around that time.

There is no construction going on there right now. There were neither power outages nor reports of smoke or other visible traces of an explosion. The mystery continues. Keremeos Review

Gibraltar hit by shaking boom in Michigan

The city of Gibraltar, Michigan was shaken and rattled by a mystery boom early Thursday afternoon.

The explosion sound – which was similar to thunder – was heard and felt by dozens across the small town.

Again, no earthquakes, no storms, no explosions reported. But people hearing and feeling it. Again an unresolved case! – The News Herald

Powerful bang rattles home in Dublin

The very loud sound was reported in the northern subburbs of Dublin after several houses started shaking.

And mysterious booms affected houses in a 2km radius along the M50. But it wasn’t an traffic accident, no explosion, no earthquake. So what? – DublinLive

Tonight, just after midnight, a giant fireball exploded over Japan rattling windows and in a loud boom. So are all these booms from meteor explosions in the night sky? I doubt but it may explain some.

This article discusses different sources of mystery booms and skyquakes.

More mystery booms on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  2. I asked my sister who lives in Penticton if she heard anything. She said no. And she doesn’t know anyone else who did either. I call b.s.

  3. Ages ago aircraft would break the sound barrier, and create some really loud booms— loud enough to wake the dead.

    I still have no idea what is creating the modern booms.

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