Mysterious explosion in Malaysia shakes homes and residents: Fireball or aircraft?


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meteor explodes over Malaysia
meteor explodes over Malaysia

Malaysia – A mysterious explosion rattled many in Sipitang, Labuan, Lawas (Sarawak), and parts close to these areas on Sunday at 11:00 am local time on January 31, 2021.

The loud blast captured in the video below could have been a sonic boom or a meteor which exploded in mid-air.

What is behind this weird shaking phenomenon?

A video seems to capture the daylight meteor fireball:

So I think it is clear now!

meteor explodes over Malaysia
meteor explodes over Malaysia

Meteors, fireballs and comets are making sometimes crazy noises when falling towards Earth.

Here some possible origins of these mysterious skyquakes.

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  1. God is shaking the world trying to wake ppl up accept Jesus Christ as your savior admit you are a sinner in need of Jesus as your savior accept Jesus’s holy Spirit into your heart and soul let him work within you to open your eyes to the truth of love and of good and evil amen

  2. There seems to be more fireball activity in the last few years. Perhaps these are supernatural signs. I am beginning to think so.

    • Also pay attention to all the leaders stepping down in power. Either going into hiding knowing something is coming like natural disaster or something else, or making way for new leaders?

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