Mysterious boom, rumblings and flash in the sky reported near Boston, Massachusetts

Mysterious boom, rumblings and flash in the sky reported near Boston, Massachusetts
Mysterious boom, rumblings and flash in the sky reported near Boston, Massachusetts on November 18, 2021

A mysterious bang late Wednesday night sent police in Stow and Hudson, Massachusetts on an unsuccessful search for the source of the noise.

Some area residents reported shaking, like a small earthquake, while others reported a “house-shaking” jolt. Reports came from Maynard, Hudson, Sudbury, Framingham, Acton as well as Harvard.

A few residents even called police, telling dispatchers they’d heard a loud noise.

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Mysterious booms and rumblings shakes near Boston, Massachusetts

Here’s some reports:

I heard a loud boom and felt one minor rattle in the house. It felt like something big fell nearby. One and done, not sustained.

Heard a muffled explosion coming from the East, which is the opposite direction from where sounds of explosions usually come from when Fort Devens is doing training activities.

Heard a loud boom and the floor rattled. I thought a house was exploding again which happened 2 months ago.

Sounded like an explosion nearby and in our neighborhood. Shook the house. Called neighbors who all confirmed the same thing. We all look around our property to see if anything had literally blown up because it all felt so close.

Mostly acoustic. More like an intense clap of thunder from a distance. Seemed to have three peaks, of differing amplitude, in very rapid succession.

Wife and I were lying in bed. Instinctively, she blamed me and I blamed the dog. Sounded and felt like a very large tree falling in the neighbor’s yard.

It was a short loud boom that scared us. It shook me inside my body but not sure about it actually shaking things in the house.

One resident on the Bolton-Stow border said in an online post that their Ring doorbell captured a flash of light at 10:07 p.m. followed by a boom several seconds later. Others reported similar sightings in the sky.

The USGS showed no earthquakes in the area and the National Weather Service in Norton said local seismographs in Boston showed nothing.

Meteor exploding in the sky?

The noise could have been a meteor falling to earth, though police who searched found nothing at all.

Last month, a loud explosion was heard in southern New Hampshire and parts of Massachusetts. Experts said that event may have been the result of a meteor.

The Earth is always passing through this sort of dust of sporadic meteoroids. Mostly, they are very small, dust-sized particles, and they are creating meteor events that no one notices, except scientists who try and look for them. But sometimes, you get these bigger meteoroids, and they create something that everybody notices,” explained Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientist Ryan Volz.

The Leonid Meteor Shower peaked on Wednesday and was set to be visible on Thursday which could slightly increase the odds of a meteor falling to earth, a spokesman for the National Weather Service said.

If the mysterious flash and bang have folks looking skyward overnight, they’ll also see the longest partial lunar eclipse in 580 years during which the Beaver Moon will become a Blood Moon. Keep you eyes to the sky and enjoy these amazing space shows. [Telegram]

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  1. Sonic boom from Spy AC coming back in from Europe. SR-71 had a quick double boom. Hypersonics may generate a triple ripple boom.

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