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Mystery as giant underwater alien city is discovered off Mexico

Don't panic! Some people have just found proof of an ancient underwater alien city off the coast of Mexico? A newly discovered 76-mile long ‘city’...
Study reveals the Great Pyramid of Giza can focus electromagnetic energy

The Great Pyramid of Giza can focus electromagnetic energy

An international research group has applied methods of theoretical physics to investigate the electromagnetic response of the Great Pyramid to radio waves. Scientists have...
Skitesurfing on a pink lagoon in Australia, video Skitesurfing on a pink lagoon in Australia, pink lagoon skitesurfing australia

Kite surfing on a pink lagoon is just out of this...

I think the title says it all! Amazing images: This amazing video was captured on December 4, 2018 at Hutt Lagoon, Yallabatharra, Western Australia, Australia. "This...

Self-Destruction (video)

A painting by the mysterious street artist Banksy self-destructed after it sold for $1.4 million. Some experts say the stunt boosts the artwork's value.
Snow Wall Walk in Japan, Snow Wall Walk in Japan video, Snow Wall Walk in Japan pictures

Otherworldly 17-Meter-Deep Snow Wall Walk in World’s Wildest Mountain Drives on...

One of the world's wildest mountain drives, Japan's Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route has reopened to tourists for another season. And the route's biggest attraction is...
Snare Drum In A Nuclear Cooling Tower, sound of Snare Drum In A Nuclear Cooling Tower, Snare Drum In A Nuclear Cooling Tower video

Snare drum in a nuclear cooling tower sounds really cool

Seattle band Thunderpussy recently released the video for their (very good) song "Torpedo Love," which they filmed at the base of an abandoned nuclear...
Five decades of Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC publications on art free to read and download online

Five Decades of Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Publications on Art...

For fans of art this is awesome: Five Decades of Met Publications on Art History to Read and Download for Free! Enter the book of...
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Sphinx head from ‘The Ten Commandments’ movie unearthed in California

Archaeologists have unearthed in sand dunes along the central California coast a large and intact sphinx head, weighing a whopping 300 pounds, that was...
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Snowflake, snowflake, little snowflake. Little snowflake falling from the sky

"Snowflake, snowflake, little snowflake. Little snowflake falling from the sky." I am sure you all know that these are the first words of an...
Mysterious volcano-shaped pyramid in Peru bafles scientists, volcano-shaped pyramid peru pictures, volcano-shaped pyramid peru video

Mysterious volcano-shaped pyramid baffles scientists in Peru

El Volcán in the Nepeña Valley of coastal Peru might look like a natural feature in the landscape. But this volcano is artificial, a mound...
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Healing Pyramid of Alexander Golod destroyed by storm in Moscow region...

One of the consequences of the weather anomaly that killed at least 16 people in and around Moscow on May 29, 2017, is the...
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French photographer places a mirror in the jungle. This is how...

A French photographer placed a mirror in the jungle of Gabon. This is how animals reacted in front of it. There can be no better or...
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Expect the unexpected in these awesome videos by artist Daihei Shibata

Expect the unexpected in the videos by artist Daihei Shibata. They mess with viewers’ expectations of what’s going to happen, and the unexpected ways they...
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Airline Pilot Captures Beautiful Timelapse Footage of Milky Way

For passengers, it’s not easy to shoot footage from your plane’s tiny window. But for a pilot, it's something else. And sometimes, when the sky...
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This glass bottom pool is a… killer (video)

I will never dive in this glass bottom pool on the 40th floor of the Market Square Tower in Houston. Why? Well look at the...
mysterious sealed door ancient Padmanabhaswamy temple, mysterious sealed door ancient Padmanabhaswamy temple pictures, mysterious sealed door ancient Padmanabhaswamy temple video

I wonder what’s behind this mysterious SEALED Door of the ancient...

Wow, this is pretty fascinating. I've never heard of it before. I wonder what's in there? The mysterious SEALED Door of the ancient Padmanabhaswamy temple. If...
full moon mountain shadow, full moon Mauna Kea shadow, full moon Mauna Kea volcano shadow, full moon mountain shadow, full moon mountain shadow picture, full moon Mauna Kea shadow

Full Moon in Mauna Kea volcano shadow

This amazing picture of the Full Moon rising within Hawaii's Mauna Kea shadow was taken on October 15 looking away from a gorgeous sunset. An...
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Mysterious stone chambers discovered in New England

Strange stone tunnels and chambers, perhaps pre-historic, have been found in Leyden, Wendell, Pelham, Montague, New Salem, Whitingham, VT and throughout New England. Who built...
musical pillars, musical pillars vittala, musical pillars india, musical pillars temple, musical pillars video, musical pillars picture, musical pillars Vittala Temple Hampi

The fascinating musical pillars of Vittala temple in Hampi

Some ancient south Indian Hindu temples built between the 8th century and the 16th century have in them incredible architectural elements known as musical pillars. These music...
great pyramid primitive machine, primitive machine giza pyramid, 'Primitive Machine' Within Great Pyramid of Giza Reconstructed, secrets of great pyramid, mystery of great pyramid, great pyramid giza

Reconstruction of the ‘Primitive Machine’ in the Great Pyramid

The 'Primitive Machine' within the Great Pyramid of Giza has been reconstructed by archeologists. This simple yet elaborate system of blocks and grooves within the...
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Enchanting green roofs in Scandinavia

Scandinavians are serious about their green roofs. They even have a competition every year to determine the best green roof project in Scandinavia by...
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The Colorado River looks like a giant tree from above

Look at these amazing aerial pictures of the expansing Colorado River. The patterns of the tributaries and junctions make the river similar to a growing tree. An...
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Mysterious world’s oldest man-made sphere discovered in Bosnia

What about this mysterious man-made sphere discovered by a controversial archeologist in Bosnia? The specialist claims this bizarre natural sphere is the world's oldest man-made sphere...
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Is this Jesus Christ? Iconic fountain in Fountain Hills, Arizona takes...

A photo taken on Easter Sunday of the fountain in Fountain Hills, Arizona is going viral. Many say the water took the shape of Jesus...

Eerie Staircase To The Moon phenomenon at Roebuck Bay, Australia

Staircase to the Moon is a natural phenomenon which occurs when a full moon rises over the exposed tidal flats of Roebuck Bay. The Staircase...

Levitation is awesome

'Levitation' is a collaborative performance by Sila Sveta and Anna Abalikhina shown on the TV show 'Big Ballet'. All visuals were rendered in real time...
frozen soap bubbles, frozen soap bubbles pictures, frozen soap bubbles photo, How To Make Frozen Soap Bubbles, Freezing Soap Bubbles

Frozen soap bubbles

Remarkably, soap bubbles can be blown in very cold temperatures, freeze and remain intact if they are strong enough. And the results are out-of-this-world. Enjoy. Here's...
secret cave china, secret cave china open to public, secret cave china open to public after 1000 years, secret cave china pictures, secret cave china march 2016

A 1,000 years secret cave revealed to public in China

China’s history is long, rich and known for its abundance of art and culture. Every year there are more amazing archaeological discoveries made about...
ice hotel Jukkasjarvi Sweden, original ice hotel Jukkasjarvi Sweden, icehotel Jukkasjarvi Sweden, ice hotel Jukkasjarvi Sweden pictures, ice hotel Jukkasjarvi Sweden videos, book ice hotel, visit ice hotels

Welcome to the first ice hotel in Sweden

Welcome to the original and first Ice Hotel, located in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden - 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. This ephemeral hotel is made...
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New mystery island forms in Pinto Lake, California after brutal storm

There is a new 200-foot long mystery island in the middle of Pinto Lake, California since March 10, 2016. This mysterious piece of wetland broke off during extreme...
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Legendary boiling river discovered deep in the Amazon

Deep in the heart of the Amazon, legends tell of a river so hot that it boils from below. It’s incredible to think there are...
Firefall, firefall Yosemite, Firefall february 2016, firefall Yosemite february 2016, Firefall february 2016 pictures videos, firefall Yosemite february 2016 pictures videos, Horsetail Fall glows orange and red in the setting sun february 2016, Horsetail Fall glows orange and red in the setting sun february 2016 pictures, Horsetail Fall glows orange and red in the setting sun february 2016 video

Firefall: Yosemite’s Horsetail Fall glows orange and red in the setting...

Horsetail Fall, located in Yosemite National Park in California, is a seasonal waterfall that flows in the winter and early spring on the east...
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Mysterious underwater waterfall at Mauritius

There is a mysterious underwater waterfall in Mauritius. Well almost. Let me explain. Mauritius is an island just off the coast of Africa, close to Madagascar...
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Death Valley flower super bloom

This is what specialists call a rare flower ‘super bloom’. And Death Valley is transforming from a valley of death to a valley of life. Here a...
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Mysterious methane bubbling in Condamine River intensifies and burns

Condamine River's mysterious methane bubbling is intensifying. But the State Government is unable to find the cause of methane gas seeps in this major river...
South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly, South Atlantic Anomaly, uruguay weakest magnetic field, weakest magnetic field in uruguay, uruguay has weakest magnetic field, magnetic anomaly uruguay

Uruguay has the weakest magnetic field around the world

Scientists have testified that Uruguay has the weakest magnetic field around the world. So what about this South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly? Uruguay has values ​​close to...
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Blood red snow in Chile

Sometimes, blood red snow appears on mountain tops in Chile and around the world. And this awesome phenomenon is natural and called sunset. :-) The energy is...
spirits Mount Esja, gods Mount Esja, Mount Esja gods, Mount Esja snow spirits, Mount Esja snow gods

Spirits of Mount Esja appear during snow storm in Iceland

Sometimes, when it snows and you look at Mount Esja in Iceland, faces of spirits appear suddenly on the mountain slope. Do you see them? Well...
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The doomsday clock remains at 3 minutes to midnight

This doomsday clock is a metaphor of how close humanity is to destroying the planet. And as shown by Lawrence Krauss the world is now three...
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New strange sounds in the sky in Brazil baffle mystical São...

Did you hear these new strange sounds from the sky of Brazil? They were recorded on January 18, 2016 in the city of São Tomé das...